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What kinds of silly things did you do as a kid, a teen/young adult, and when older?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) September 24th, 2012

Yesterday my son put his hands through my wife’s jacket even as she was wearing it. They proceeded to try to eat chips and dip, simultaneously. I have pictures. Blurry ones. My phone is very slow on the uptake.

What different kinds of silly things did you do at various ages in your life?

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At 13, friends and I passed out chocolate covered Milk Bones for a Halloween “trick.” My little mastermind plot. lol
Parents were not happy at all inspite of the health benefits of whiter teeth and fresher breath.

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Too many to list!

My best friend and I paddled around the lake in a kiddie plastic bathtub (age 12). When the lake patrol told us to get out of the water, we continued by hiding under the piers.

We also camped out in a tent in our orchard and tried to contact the Monkees with my walkie talkies. They were flying into Chicago that night for a concert, and somehow we thought that would work (ha-ha).

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When I was about 8, a horse riding accident left me with a hole in the septum of my nose. I used to get lots of schoolhouse cred by threading a paperclip up through one nostril and out the other.

A good follow-up act was to swallow a few feet of string, bit by bit, and then pull it back up.

Beyond 5th grade, few people appreciated my art.

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We played “kick the can” when I was in college.
We made plaster masks of our faces in sculpture class. I wrapped mine up in my blankets in bed and it looked like I was dead.

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@thorninmud I saw an act once where a guy threaded the end of a skinny balloon into his nose and out his mouth, successfully ooking everybody out. You just need to find the right audience for your talents

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@thorninmud Sooo, really, your name should be “stringinnose.” lolol

My friends and I used to put pussy willow buds up our noses and shoot them at each other. haha Until one friend inhaled one and had to go to the doctors to have it removed from her sinuses. Kids do the stupidist stuff. :-P

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Prank phones calls ruled.

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I used to like hiding in places and scaring my parents by jumping out and yelling. Mostly they thought it was funny, except when I really managed to make em jump. sometimes I still do that to people

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One of the silliest things that we did when kids happened when we found my mother’s secret hiding place for the candy. We started snitching it bit by bit until she knew we were onto her and she found a new hiding place for it. We looked and looked but she had us stumped. So one day my brother put on a fedora, sunglasses and trench coat like a film noir spy. He snuck up behind my Mom in the livingroom and we all surrounded her in her armchair. Then he pretended to have a gun on her hideen in his pocket, he put on his most malevolent voice and said “We have ways of making you talk!!” My Mom couldn’t help but laugh.

Another time my Mom was complaining that it was getting late in the day and we were all still “parading around” in our pajamas. My sister and I got out the full size American flag which was resting on the stairway in the house and started parading around in earnest waving the flag. It was at times like these that all my Mom could do was shake her head and say, “Honestly, you kids!”

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One time, a friend and I dressed in black, turned off the lights in the third-floor apartment, and started shelling the neighbor’s dinner party (which was being held on a first-floor patio) with peanuts. The camouflage wasn’t as good as we had thought or else the neighbors weren’t complete morons, which is more likely, and the host yelled up at us to knock it off.
They were pretty good-natured about it, on the whole.

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As a kid my nick name was goofy I did all sorts of silly stuff.
As a teen I worked the graveyard shift in a nursing home. Me and my friends would get off work and do chinese stoplights in our uniforms durring the morning commute. (I just realized that could be a racial insult. That’s what we called it then. Is there a politically correct term?)
As an adult my husband and I get up and dance durring the intro to some tv shows. It started with Boston Legal. Right now it’s Boardwalk Empire and Hell on Wheels.

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I used to have a tape recorder and I’d constantly make radio shows, either by myself or with my cousin. I figured out if I pressed the button certain ways, I could make the tape go extra fast or slow to make our voices sound like chipmunks or like scary old ghosts. The highlight of the tape always involved a toilet flushing.

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