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Is it hopeless to study something in a creative field?

Asked by emeraldisles (1949points) September 24th, 2012

I have the desire to study something artistic or creative related, such as creative writing or English literature. Yet, all I hear and see is that there are no jobs for the arts and humanities. It truly depresses me because I am not a math person at all. Anything above College Algebra confuses the heck out of me and makes me weep because I don’t understand it. Yet, I know it is common for people who do study 1 of these fields to evntually go for their teaching license. However, I know that one could go into copy writing, writing,editorial work, technical writing, among other things. However, I’m already poor as a church mouse. I’m not looking to make lots of money because obviously from the way this stupid economy is, that’s not going to happen. By the way, I am as poor as a church mouse.

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There is still a demand for English teachers. English, writing, literature, humanities. Just a suggestion.

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It’s not an either one or the other kind of choice. You can have both. Talk to your school counselor about the possibilities. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Go for the employment related studies, but do volunteer work/internship at the local art museum or library.

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A friend of mine has a degree in Forestry. He got a job for the Phone Company.
You would think the degree was a waste of time, but the fact that he had a degree in anything opened the door for him to move up to middle management.

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@YARNLADY and PO: The first thing I thought of was Architecture. Very creative and a nice blend of art and science. Also, it requires a creative mind to be more than just a glorified draftsman. Many architects started out as graphic artists. And don’t discount the sciences. It takes a very creative mind to do science well.

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Oh and by the way forgot to mention, I really struggle with math. Engineering would not be an option for me at all as well as science. I understand gen ed but that’s about it. Math makes me cry. I graduated high school a few months ago.I am in a hopeless situation at home too.

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Studying anything is not hopeless. You might consider a dual major such as art and commerce. See your counselor ASAP. There are so many jobs you’ll never have heard of and may find just the thing for you. If you have to work while taking courses, choose something that will give you something to put in the experience section of a job application that will be useful. You’re starting a very exciting period of your life, which will help you leave your home life behind. Good luck!

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I think if you work really hard and be the best you can be, you can succeed. If not in your field of endeavour, then in something you just fall into. I read somewhere that only a third of people end up in the fields that they studied in college. Off hand, from the little I know about you, I would study journalism, history, art history, your chosen art, do some technical work in museums as an intern, etc. I’m a bit envious of you and living a bit vicariuosly through you for the moment, but I think this would be lots of fun, very interesting, a bit risky, but if you worked really worked hard, sought out the best teachers, best possible schools, studied and interned abroad, you would do well for yourself. Studying abroad and earning advanced degrees are excellent insurance. The work available to you would cover many fields.

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