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Has anyone tried the pure green coffee beans extract for weight loss?

Asked by Pandora (27130points) September 24th, 2012

I just saw several advertisement on line about pure green coffee beans and how it is the new miracle pill for weight loss. It is suppose to keep your sugar from spiking and give you energy all day long without giving you the jitters. I’m curious if anyone on fluther has tried it and what were the results. Even if it doesn’t help with weight loss, it would be great if it boosts energy levels. I’m getting ready to move by next month and I could use all the energy I could get.

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Seems like it would make you a nervous wreck! Did you know that the over-the-counter diet pills that they used to sell were mostly just caffeine?

Another chemical that will give you energy and make you loose weight is “speed.” Unfortunately, most of the diet supplements that are on the market are just legalized speed.

If you want to safely have energy and loose weight, eat a healthy diet.

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Thought I would respond again to tell you that I didn’t mean to sound abrasive. I just really worry about taking things that might harm your body, and I don’t want you to rack up your liver or kidneys or something, or have a cardiac episode.

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If you can find the peer-reviewed studies on this “pure green coffee bean extract” and its effects on weight loss, then go for it. Otherwise, it sounds like you could be losing $$ instead of weight.

Edit: This might be helpful. I just skimmed through it and it seems there is some analysis of the current science on the issue.

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@Skaggfacemutt Actually, that is why I asked on here first. I don’t believe advertising that is self serving to be honest. I never try anything without knowing how it works from someone I know who has taken it first. No worries I know it is probably just another bogus claim but I had to give it a try. Never know when someone will discover something that does really do what it claims.
@tom_g Thanks for link. It was an interesting read. I agree that Dr. Oz is beginning to sound like an infomercial.

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I tried some for about a week and it seemed to have no effect whatsoever.
I know, I should have given it more of a chance.
[“I don’t believe advertising that is self serving” Is there some other kind? ;-) ]

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LOL, you’re right. But what I mean, is when friends or associates tell you about something and have nothing to gain from it, they are advertising for free. So it is not self serving. All other advertising is self serving.

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I briefly watched Dr. Oz on the green coffee extract. The women said it did not make them jittery.

I agree that Dr Oz seems more like an infomercial…..every few days, it seems, he has another weight loss product that works.

Makes me wonder,if all these things work, even the ones not expensive, how come we are all so over weight? I would love a magic pill that works. Years and years ago I tried a diet pill, but did not like the affect. When I was a young teen my mother had me on Aides-remember those? The candy diet aid?

I’ve tried diets. I lose weight, then put it back on almost twice what I lost. I even dieted and went to a place like Curves – after 6 months or so I had lost 1” and 1#. And yes,I actually went several times a week-mostly:). I got more weight loss with just walking than anything else so far.

Sorry, didn’t mean to drag on.

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Dr. Oz scares me. He is always advertising some “weird” weight loss “miracle.” I wouldn’t put too much store in what he says.

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