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What's the difference between a regular and daily yoga practice?

Asked by cinnAmini (29points) September 24th, 2012

My yoga teacher often encourages us to keep up our practice daily, and says that we can realize more health benefits this way. It’s a great goal and all, but I have so much going on that it’s hard to stick with it on a daily basis. Does practicing every day really make that much of a difference? Can’t I get the same results from 4x/week?

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Same results? Maybe not. But good results? That seems likely.

I consider that I had a “regular” practice when I went to yoga class every week. It did me plenty of good. I don’t think you get negative benefits (i.e., you aren’t worse off; it doesn’t subtract value) if you do it less than daily. You just aren’t getting everything you could.

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It really depends on the person. For me, regular would be 3–4 times each week but I know daily would be best. To meditate, to detox, to breathe each day and to have time to oneself – you need that daily, like water and food.

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At home my yoga practice is more reactionary. I find myself doing garudassana when my shoulders are stiff, the most, but if I can’t sleep I’ll do Viparita karni.

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Try it for a week or two and see if makes a difference. They decide if the difference is worth it in terms of making the time necessary to do it. Honestly, this is a question only you can answer. Everyone is different in this regard.

I wish I did it every day. I can feel the difference it would make just because I know my body. As it is, I don’t do yoga at all. So even once a week would make a big difference. But every day is what my body needs, but won’t get. Not until I retire, anyway.

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Thanks everyone! These are great answers and suggestions. I tried to start a daily grind and have already fallen off of it today, so it’s going to be challenging to do what wundayatta recommended (but a great way to go about seeing if it’s right for me). I know 4x/week is doing me plenty of good but I’m going to try to make it daily.

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So at my group last night, someone said he was in day 24 of a 35 day yoga every day challenge. Of course, I asked them what he thought. He said it was too soon to tell, but he wasn’t sure it was giving him anything that a practice with rest days couldn’t give him.

Isn’t it weird how life imitates fluther, sometimes?

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My husband likes me better when I do yoga regularly. I know I must be getting bratty when he starts asking “did you go to yoga today?” sometimes he just tells me I need to go to yoga.

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Judi that’s awesome :] My sweetheart asks me that too, maybe now I know what he’s really getting at!! And wunda that’s interesting to hear him say that. The studio I go to has a 60-day challenge but it’s only 5 days a week. I think generally the more you do, the better. I did find a cool article here that has some good tips for designing (and sticking to) a daily practice.

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