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How does someone counter the Rat?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) June 4th, 2008

You know the giant inflatable rat seen in front of buildings or construction sites? Unions use them (essentially) to protest when a union is not doing that particular job. What would be the most efficient/creative way to counter a demonstration without bringing harm to the union people or their property, including the rat?

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Get a huge piece of inflatable cheese.

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drop 10,000 or so unarmed mousetraps from a helicopter onto the rat.

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Giant taser!

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You know the giant inflatable rat seen in front of buildings or construction sites?

Um, no. Not at all. What color is the sky there in your world?

GQ awarded for excellent, eye-catching wording of the Question. Too bad it didn’t end up in a story.

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Its got buildings. Different dimension.

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I thought this sounded like a kung-fu question….

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I’ve never heard of this, is it real?

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@Wizard. Yes. Unions often place a large inflatable rat in front of businesses that they feel are using unfair labor practices. This is an effective way to dissuade potential consumers from patronizing that particular establishment without haranguing people.

You counter the rat by adopting fair labor practices, and then the union takes the rat down.

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There’s gotta be a better way to do business without labor unions. I’m glad they aren’t powerful where I live.

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Labor unions are responsible for the high standard of living we have (had) in the US. You will find that as the percentage of unionized workers has diminished over the last 30 years, so has the middle class.

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panda person, tell us why you think unions are a bad thing.

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“Workers of the world, Unite!”

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dyslexics of the world untie!

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You can go get a large inflatable cat and hang it at the union head quarters. Unions do not work for the people. People work for the unions. Where I grew up I could see the worlds largest steel mill and Ashland oil from my front yard. Everytime there were strikes I remember my entire city going to shit and people sometimes getting killed and in the end I watched the steel get moved to china. Lots of good the unions did there. Lots of good!

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