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My partner is bringing our new kitten over the border ( from U.S. to Canada), should there be any problems (details inside)

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9824points) September 25th, 2012

My partner and I found a kitten at her place in Michigan. I live in Canada. The kitten is going to live in Canada with me. Would it be okay if my partner drove over the bridge with the kitten? Would customs give her any grief? She could explain the situation. I’m worried that they’re going to think that she’s bringing her cat over to come and live with me. I mean, I’m sure it’s not common for people to bring cats back and forth over the border. Also, he will be getting his shots/physical exam done here in Canada next Tuesday, so he hasn’t had his shots (as far as we know because he’s a stray).

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I think it might have to have proof of immunization before crossing but I’m not sure.

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I don’t know for sure, but, it seems the custom officials might want to see proof of vaccination. I wouldn’t attempt to cross without the kittens health certification papers intact.Surely there must be a source of information about transporting animals across the border. Maybe research who to call or what website would have this info.

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Here’s a link importing cats

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Found it. He needs proof of rabies vacc. We’re getting that done in the States, then we’ll bring him over.

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If you’re not taking the animal over the national border to stay in Canada, then you’ll also need to find out what will be necessary to bring it back into the States later. The requirements may very well not be the same.

Even assuming the animal can be transported across the border each way, you should ask if there’s a quarantine requirement on either side of the border (maybe even days or weeks long), or if other restrictions apply. For example, a kitten exposed to livestock on either side of the border may have similar restrictions to a person with the same type of exposure. Or if the kitten appears to be in any kind of ill health at any crossing may prevent the crossing or result in a quarantine period.

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The border between the US and Canada is so porous I would find a way to walk over without going through any official crossing bridge or gate and call it a day.

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Not as porous as you think @Hypocrisy_Central.

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It is hell to get an animal into Australia from almost anywhere. I don’t know about Canada but I should think you would be able to get the information on line from the Canadian government site. Probably at the least proof of vaccination and current rabies shot.

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I would think that Australia can be so strict since they’re an island surrounded by water and there is currently no rabies on the island. Is that correct, Rooey?

So their quarantine policy of several months makes a certain amount of sense even tho we see it as pretty harsh.

So the stakes are much higher and things are more controllable.

In Canada, there is no practical way to eliminate rabies altogether since wild animals can be carriers and animals have no regard for borders. They come and go as they please. There is no large body of water to stop them.

The only thing they can control is domestic animals with a human in charge of making certain they’re vaccinated.

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@Buttonstc – yep that’s the deal, no rabies here. And it’s a good thing cuz there are bats by the millions and you are not allowed to move them on. Here horses, dogs and people are dying from the Hendra virus, carried by bats. So no rabies but other deadlys to take their place!

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