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IPhone is stuck in recovery mode. HELP?

Asked by Melonking (1221points) June 4th, 2008

Ok I’m sorry for posting another iPhone help post, but this is my last resort. I have looked at every page I can find one the internet and nothing is helping me, I have asked on ModMyiFone.

I have a 1.1.4 iPhone and I am on Mac OSX 10.5.3 It started this morning when I turned on my iPhone it was in recovery mode and now it wont get off it. It is an activated and jailbroken iPhone but not unlocked. The night before I had been installing lots of apps, that might be the problem.

I tried restoring it and deleting the old restore files and re restoring it, I also tried re starting it in normal mode with ZiPhone but nothing it just gets jammed.

Does any one know how to fix it.

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Might sound stupid but have you tried restoring the locks with ZPhone and then restoring it, sometimes that gets things done for some crazy reason.

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er how….????

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ZPhone has an option to restore all locks. That will restore the phone’s carrier lock and such. Then you go ahead and restore as per normal in iTunes. You should be ok.

Let me know…

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i found out through rigourous research, heres what you do, when at the screen with scrolling white text hold the power and home button don until it shuts off, once off release the power button but continue to hold home and plug it into itunes, after a minute or two it will recgnize the phone and you can let go and hit restore!!!!!!

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