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What would you do if your celebrity crush did this to you but you were in a relationship?

Asked by chelle21689 (6831points) September 25th, 2012

Check out what Enrique Iglesias did to a fan. Apparently, he normally does this at his concerts.

If you had a celebrity crush that pulled you up on stage like that, would you allow that if you were married? I imagine that most partners would feel hurt/disgusted to see that. But then again in the situation what are you supposed to do? Say “No sorry!” in front of the whole world. It’s not like it’s cheating right but then again it hurts them.

I remember with my last ex I won a contest to meet my favorite singer Ginuwine. He kept kissing me on the cheek but he kissed all his winners on the cheek lol. It was also our 1 year anniversarry and my then bf didn’t want to go to the concert.

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If I were the b/f in question, I would be furious.

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I find this rather innocent, actually. If my partner had a crush on him and this happened, I would be very happy for her. I would expect the same treatment if Jennifer Biel did this to me. One would have to be awfully insecure in their relationship to take this seriously. But, on second thought from a health care view, I would worry about Hep C (but not much) and if she contracted it, I would sue the living shit out of the guy to ensure her future medical needs.

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I would let him kiss me and then retire to a Buddhist monastery for the rest of my life.

Alternatively, like Michael Jackson, I would wear a face mask to all concerts, thereby minimizing my chances of being chosen.

Say, “No, sorry,” and then offer to pay for his therapy.

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I’d let her kiss me and my girlfriend.

what a question. ~

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^^^ And the beloved old doggie, Frankie, and the new kitty, whatever the nom du jour is.

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Haha, we were actually talking about this same basic thing a couple weekends ago. We’d both be fine with it and pretty thrilled for each other. Though the thrill would have to be tempered by the need to get a good photo of the kiss, I don’t know that we could forgive each other for failing to immortalize that moment. Or, you know, just repeating it until we get the photo we like.

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No biggy, really, I once profusely hugged and kissed a band member at a rock-n-roll tribute in front of my ex husband, He didn’t care, he knew I was as faithful as the day is long and he also knew that I am naturally a very demonstrative and playful woman.

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we both have our “it will never happen but if it does its ok to cheat” celebrity crushes lol

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he’d be fine. we’re open.

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Not entirely open, but we have long lists of “it’s okay” going from everyone from Viggo Mortensen and Olivia Wilde to the drummer in his band. ^_^

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One time, several years ago back in college, my then g/f and I were having the discussion about which celebrities we could have sex with and it would be okay by the other. I spit out Natalie Portman or someone… she sat and paused for a minute, and then said “James Laurinaitis” (currently a linebacker in the NFL)... At the time Laurinaitis was the star linebacker on our colleges football team, and he happened to live across the street from me at the time.

>:| <—- the face I gave her

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Who the hell cares…....It’s not the end of the world. Why do people care about this stuff so much. It’s a kiss: skin briefly touching skin and incredibly trivial.

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@tedd – That is so an episode of Friends.

“But… it’s laminated…”

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@Blackberry – as my old church youth pastor used to say: “A kiss is sucking on the pretty end of 40 feet of intestine”.

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I have always hated how celebrities get this “free” card with life. Okay, so they’re allowed to f*** your spouse? They’re allowed to drink and drive and get a little smack on the wrist? Oh, celebrities, they must be so much better than us with their money and fame. We are not worthy…

what if it was a celebrity look alike that looks like your crush? So it’s not okay just because they aren’t a celebrity although they look like your crush?

If my bf said I could sleep with some guy I don’t think I’d go actively seek it out. Maybe if it just happened on it’s own sure if I was allowed. But I might feel some guilt or dirty not knowing what disease he may have even with protection there’s still a chance lol

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For me, there’s a range of appropriateness related to intent. I would take a hug and a basic kiss and maybe dance a bit, have a laugh, then get the heck off the stage back to my b/f. I’m private about affection that it would be clear the interaction was all in light fun. I would definitely not rip at my idol’s clothes, stick my head under his shirt or flop around on my butt on stage. There’s no way I could ask my b/f or even myself to condone behavior to that extent—my dignity wouldn’t allow it.

But that’s me— if the girl in the pictures feels completely comfortable with it—all the power to her.

@Seek_Kolinahr Laughing… what an image from your pastor…

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I would do it anyway. If it was my idol, it doesn’t happen everyday. I wouldn’t mind my partner doing it either. I mean, seriously….

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Ah, @linguaphile, he’s the one that ran off with an 18 year old a couple of months after his wife died. It’s all good.

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I’d bang Katie Perry’s back doors in & claim drunkeness as my motive.

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Good heavens! This is just show business. It means nothing. If someone is jealous of that, someone is seriously immature. Making a huge thing of it, likewise.

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If that happened to my wife, I’d be cool about it at the moment, but probably would hurt later, because that will be the kiss she always thinks about.

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A celebrity? Well, if I liked the celebrity, my hubby would most likely be thrilled for me. If I went to a Muse concert and Matthew Bellamy pulled me onstage for a kiss, my husband would probably be grinning from ear to ear. But then, we long ago agreed to give each other “celebrity free passes” LOL, so it doesn’t matter.

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Yep, all in good fun, no need to get all insecure and obsessed. lol

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A crush is a crush, a life long love is another topic entirely, most sane people know this, right?

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I’m going to Springsteen in November with m girlfriend. I know if the Boss pulls her up and gives her a liplock, she’d be thrilled. We both know it’s part of the act and not an attempt to seduce her. It would be a lot of fun.

We were at stage door on Broadway one time when James Gandolfini came out and gave her a nice kiss. She was quite proud of the picture i took.

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This is so low on the list of things that would bother me. Or my husband, thank goodness. We’d be having a blast with it! We keep a ‘list’, too. :)

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This actually happened to someone I worked with. She went to a party where a number of well-known people were in attendance. Someone asked if she wanted to meet Dennis Rodman.

Sure, I’ll meet him! So she was whisked off to where he was. She eagerly awaits her opportunity to meet him; when the moment arrived he turned to her, grabbed her, pulled her to him, and frenched her momentarily, then let her go. Needless to say, she was floored.

It’s now a cocktail party anecdote for her, but obviously it wasn’t how she envisioned meeting him…

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I know if Sofia Vergaga knocks on my front door and asks to see my husband, I have to go shopping or make myself scarce… I’m fine with it. (This is never going to happen).

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:-) at the typo. It’s Vergara… my husband would be gaga if she knocked on the door.

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lol i know everyone thinks vergara is attractive and I think most latinas are gorgeous but me and my bf don’t find her attractive at all. Just something about her.

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@Bellatrix Yes, I’ll have to do the same thing if Jennifer Love-Hewitt shows up looking for my husband.

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I discuss hypothetical “free passes” in relationships, basically celebrities who we would allow the other the have sex with if ever given the opportunity lol. So she kissed Enrique Iglesias. It’s not going to turn into anything more because it’s just a performance. He has a g/f too ya know. But like I tell my SO’s – if Sam Worthington shows up at my door, my panties are dropping!

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I’d be glad :p My ex boyfriend broke up with me just because I spent some time talking to a guitarist after we saw him play. I mean, come on now. I even got the “You never dress up like that for me” line.
I was soooo crazy about the guitarist guy that I had completely forgotten about that boyfriend and that night was one of the very best ever. Nothing happened of course, I just got to talk to him. Still it was so worth it.

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