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How popular will the O'Reilly vs. Stewart debate be as compared to the popularity of the presidential debates?

Asked by phaedryx (6110points) September 25th, 2012

In this case, I’m counting popularity by number of people who view each.


I was talking to my wife and she thinks she’ll watch O’Reilly vs. Stewart, but probably none of the presidential debates. I thought that was interesting, hence the question.

Which are you personally going to watch?

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Oh, I would love little more than to see Jon Stewart rip O’Reilly a new one.

The only thing better would be to see Dawkins vs. the Pope or Templeton.

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I plan to watch the presidential debates thinking that hilarity might ensue. I’ll watch the O’Reilly vs. Stewart debate thinking that truth might ensue.

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O’Reilly will be the one who tears up Stewart. No one can go lower that O’Reilly, unless it’s Beck.

How much does it cost? I never watched a ppv event before. I wonder if we get to say who we’re backing… who our money should go to?

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O’reilly is such a douchbag.

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More people will watch the Stewart v O’Reilly debate, but if its PPV most will watch it after the fact online.

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@uberbatman I know I will be doing so.

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@wundayatta It costs $4.95 and you can watch the live stream online or download it later. Half of the money goes to charity, the other half is split between O’Reilly/Stewart. More details are on the site I linked.

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I adore Jon Stewart, but whenever he has O’Reilly on the show, he is gentle with him.
I would love to see Stewart tear him a new one, but he doesn’t have the heart to do it.

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I think the Stewart vs O’Reily will be more popular. I’m not watching it anyway. The last time I wached O’Reily on Stewart didn’t do anything for me..

It is shameful that they are depriving the (truth?) about their country to people who don’t have even $4.95 to spare.

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Honestly I won’t more so because they’ve been on TV already in which they debate/talk. Just not interested enough I am afraid. Feels like I’d hear more of the same old. I’ve watched some stuff with them before and just don’t feel the need to see it. However that does not mean to say I think its going to bad, but for me its just meh.

These are some talks with O’Reilly and Stewart might find them interesting.

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It’s a push with today’s American populace. O’Reilly vs. Stewart will be far more entertaining comedy, But the debate between the two presidential candidates will be far more important to the future nation we would like to be. I.m definitely going to watch both.

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Why isn’t Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, going to be allowed in the debate? He is a legitimate option and polls somewhere around 6% of the total vote.

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@rojo George Washington warned of the evil of a Party system and urged we avoid it. We didn’t listen, much to our own political ineptitude.

Whether you are a D or R, or even an I that always votes D or R; we should all be able to agree by now that the two Major Parties rig the system so that it is difficult for an Independent to get elected to any post higher than dog catcher; and they make it particularly difficult for an Independent getting on the presidential ballot in a single state. For an Independent to qualify in all 50 states would require a miracle superior to the parting of the Red Sea.

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