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Tips to block out light from windows at night?

Asked by surlygirl (363points) June 4th, 2008

i have put up blackout curtains in my bedroom, but i’m still getting quite a bit of light from around the sides and the top. is there some way/device to hang them better?

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really heavy curtans, like they use in Alaska in the the summer time since it is light most of the time. I use haha well thick beach towls because when the sun is setting it hits the front of my house and goes right in the windows and creates a huuge glair on my tv. so when i am watching a movie with someone or by myself it became annoying… even though people laugh at me because it looks “ghetto.”

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I live fairly far north and wondered about it too, finally I just got some eyecovers to sleep with at night and haven’t had to worry about it since, they work like a charm.

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Aluminum foil.

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with the added benefit of keeping out the aliens trying to read my thoughts, the aluminum foil seems like the best option so far :D

@fire_man: my curtains do a good job of keeping that kinda light out. unfortunately when the morning rolls around, there is so much light coming in from the top (between the curtain rods and wall) and the sides (gap between the curtains and the wall), that it wakes us up and we have a hard time getting any more sleep. my solution so far has been to put a blanket over my head and go back to sleep (can’t sleep with an eyecover). my SO moves out to the couch. surely someone has devised some sort of solution to this inconvenience!

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I know some people here (for the kids who need to get to bed on time) have blinds and heavy, dark drapes.

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Try “black out” blinds, from “247 blinds”:

They stop any light from shining through, but they also don’t make your room feel stuffy as they are lighter and thinner than heavy curtains.

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