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What is this hose in my car called?

Asked by trypaw (332points) September 25th, 2012

Hello, I am in need of a new hose for my car, the one I have is cracked and brittle. I have gone to all the auto parts stores in town and cannot find anything close to it. I believe it goes from my air intake to my valve cover? Can someone please tell me what it is called and maybe where I can buy one? eBay perhaps? Or any online parts store? I am just having difficulty finding the name. Thank you so much for your help!

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I forgot to circle the hose in my pictures.. But its the one my flashlight is directly shining on. I have a 1998 Dodge Stratus.

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Breather hose, part of the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) system.

It goes between the air cleaner (or the box that holds it) and the valve cover, and there is usually a PCV valve on the valve cover end.

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Dealer part (most non-radiator formed hoses) are available from dealer.
Ask the parts guy/gal at the local dealership. They have diagrams to look at, so you should not have to remove it, until you buy it.

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Thats what it is? Thankyou! :) So I will not be able to buy this anywhere online I’m assuming? I ask because I live far away from the dealership.

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You should be replacing pretty much everything that is rubber or hose like as well as the belt while you are at it. You’re gonna be glad you did.,carcode,1314683,parttype,11784

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who the hell prices something at $6.66….they must worship the devil or something :P

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@woodcutter I actually found that specific part at an auto part store in town. Its not bent right and the holes aren’t big enough to fit… :(

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@woodcutter It almost needs something like this (the top one) but the hose is for a 95 stratus and I’m not sure if it could fit mine. Plus it looks like its made from a harder material.

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Could I just maybe go to a hardware store and find some tubing or something and cut to fit it? would that be possible?

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@trypaw The part is specific to automobiles. The temperature and oil vapors will eat most hoses.

In my state anything to do with emissions ( it is an emissions hose ) must be maintained with original quality equipment.

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Most auto stores should be able to find this if you tell them the part, and the car/year you have. They keep the stuff in the back shelves.

Assuming you can’t find it at one though (and they can’t order it), it should be readily available online.

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It’s called the hose that goes from your air intake valve to your valve cover. Anyway, that is what my auto parts store calls it.

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