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What's the best type of top to wear to hot yoga?

Asked by cinnAmini (29points) September 25th, 2012

I have started going to hot yoga recently and am totally drenching the tops I usually wear to work out in with sweat. They become heavy and limit my movement. Is there a certain type of top that’s best for hardcore, high sweat yoga classes?

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As little as possible, like a leotard with thin straps.You’ll glisten at the end of class.

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Something like a thin cami is good.

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Title Nine has all sorts of technical yoga wear. Will wick the sweat away instead of feeling clammy against your skin.

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I never purchased anything special for Bikram. Just small camisoles with double layer for boobs.

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All great answers, thanks so much ya’ll. Facade I usually wear a thin cami or wifebeater (I hate calling them that but…) but those are the types of tops that have been getting in the way. Rooey I will def check out Title Nine, I think it’s the type of material and if they have one that’s similar to Under Armor it should solve the problem :]

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@cinnAmini The technical name for a “wifebeater” is “athletic shirt” or “A-shirt” (link).

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