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Research paper topic suggestions about compensation?

Asked by the_overthinker (1504points) September 25th, 2012

I’m writing a research paper for my human resources class. The professor left the topic very open. It should be about compensation and something that promotes discussion. I’m having difficulty narrowing down a topic

In mind, I wanted to do something about the pros and cons of seniority base pay. Perhaps pros and cons of seniority base pay in the navy. But my professor prefers mainly book resources, not just online, but the compensation information for the navy is found on online government sites.. so I’m not sure if it’s a good topic, or if it’s enough to write 10 pages on. I will ask her, but in the meanwhile, I’m still pondering other topics.

Some friends of mine have suggested pros and cons of Non commissioned members pay, and Commissioned members pay. Or even regular force pay vs reserve pay for the military.

But besides what I have in mind, do you flutherers have any topics that would have a lot of resources I can find in the library? I also have interest in police officers.. (either journals, books, etc)

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Would something like the Gini coefficient work. It deals in more macro terms but maybe it would fit within the guidelines. Ten pages on it would be a breeze.

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How about something on bonuses vs. salaries for investment bankers and its impact on the economy?

Or the Lily Ledbetter legislation about equal pay for women?

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If the sources are credible, it doesn’t matter if they are on the web, or published traditionally. I would not use that as a reason not to do the topic. If you are interested in the topic and you can find data to support your research, then you should be ok, so long as your analysis makes sense.

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Want something relevant to your education and your class? How about discussing how education is used in lieu of training, and how well compensation makes up for the cost being transferred to the student? For instance, does higher pay make up for starting off life with heavy student loan debt?

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