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How much would you sell your vote for?

Asked by RandomMrAdam (1645points) September 26th, 2012

Obviously what I am going to ask is simply hypothetical, and in no way legal, so don’t get offended.

If a presidential nominee (the one whom you didn’t plan to vote for) approached you and offered to buy your vote – how much would it take for you to make a deal with him? Do you hold so much conviction against the opponent that you would never make a deal? Or do you feel that the nominee’s policies would be so bad for your economic outlook that you couldn’t fathom making a deal?

Obviously I am not condoning this, but rather interested in what your “vote” is worth. I know some people who don’t think that voting makes a difference, so they may sell out cheap, but others I have asked in person would “never” sell out.

What say you, Jellies?

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No, I would not.
I am apolitical, I don’t vote and I don’t make shady deals that compromise my integrity.

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My vote is not for sale. I have never meet an honest candidate, and would not trust them to do anything but make empty promises.

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If a candidate for any office offered me money for my vote, I would turn them in. That is a felony, and IMHO that would disqualify the candidate from holding any office. I would also be talking to the local media outlets about it.

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should probably be legal to sell votes. if they say they will give me 2k, and do, I’m happier and more satisfied than those who voted for empty promises, at least i get the 2k. Did you get your promise?

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Depends on whether I have strong feelings for or against the candidate. If I don’t like either one, I would sell my vote for about a thousand. I feel like the 2-party system gives us a choice between pretty bad and really bad, so wouldn’t feel bad about messing up an already messed-up system. Also, the candidates have plenty of money, so I would require a nice chunk.

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Hm. Let’s be logical.

In the grand scheme of things, my one vote doesn’t matter much. I’m an extreme liberal in an area dominated by staunch Republicans. My drop in the bucket doesn’t matter much.

However, I could really do with a few grand. Just enough to pay my car insurance so I don’t lose my license next week, maybe buy a cheap used car off Craigslist so I don’t have to take the family vehicle to work, and maybe put down a deposit on an apartment a little closer to work (my commute is almost an hour, and I can NOT afford this gas right now)

So… $3,000? maybe negotiate for $5,000?

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What a fascinating question. US citizen here…my vote for the presidential candidate of choice will highly unlikely tip the scales in the state I live in. This makes the bribe tempting. Ethics kick in and say to not accept the offer. Then the devil’s advocate side comes back and whispers, “Contact a person who will work with you to set this briber up for exposure.” I’d be willing to do that and forfeit the payoff. It all comes back to ethics.

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I wouldn’t.

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£3.94 & a pack of Hubba Bubba (strawberry flavour)

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@Pied_Pfeffer – I can see where you are coming from, especially for those people who live in California, or Texas, or any Solid Color state. I live in Ohio, so it is still considered a battleground state. Hypothetically, I would probably sell my vote for the right amount…hell I have student loans and bills that I could throw that money toward. But I would probably feel guilty if the election came down to Ohio and the person I voted for won…but I still can’t help but feel that my one vote matters THAT much.

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The question is sort of a non-starter.

Since the candidate himself obviously hasn’t got the time to deal with voters on a retail level like this, then “the candidate” won’t make the offer. If someone purports to do it “on his behalf”, then I’d have to wonder if they really think I’m stupid enough to trust that the offer is bona fide. How would the prospective voter know that the offer isn’t a sting to get him to commit the felony?

Aside from all that, voting is done in secret. No one could ever know that I upheld my end of the bargain unless the vote was absolutely unanimous from my voting district. That never happens.

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If the Democrats wanted to buy it, fine. I’d like a few grand. I mean, although they would get my vote anyway, it won’t be cheap and I would be sure to milk it. But nothing to the Republicans at any price. I might consider paying the Dems back, you know, consider it a loan, if my concience bothered me. But I could use a few grand like Kolinar.

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@CWOTUS – I should have been more specific and set more parameters in question. I guess in a hypothetical I was thinking of, voter fraud or buying votes was acceptable and wasn’t a felony of any kind. Obviously, this is not a question in reality, but rather a question to gauge the convictions people hold to the individuals they vote for and how easily or not they could be persuaded to vote the other direction.

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I figure that if they’re going to ask me, they’re going to ask a lot of people, otherwise why bother? No way am I going to be part of scheme that gets a person elected because of bribery. It completely undermines the system. Maybe if I were dead broke my priorities would be different, but right now I would not do it at all. Not for a million dollars.

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@RandomMrAdam and @Pied_Pfeffer Same here. My vote is a throwaway anyway. The Republicans are going to win in Utah, even if they put up Mickey Mouse. Not just the presidency, but every single elected office. It really doesn’t matter if I vote or not.

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Three magic beans….......
And a curly-wurly.

EDIT – voting aint worth the paper its written on, so I thought, what would satisfy my craving….

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If he wanted to buy my vote, I’d get as much money as I could out of him, and then vote the way I wanted. That’s why it’s a secret vote.

In fact, I think this is what happens. Romney hires lots of workers because he has money to do so. But I don’t think they all vote for him. This probably happens less on the Dem side, since Dems have less money to throw around and there are more volunteers.

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5 Virgin red heads of at least an 8 rating and not one virgin less >:D

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@RandomMrAdam The thing is, for me at least, we never know how the election will turn out until it’s over. Getting a good night’s sleep is really important to me. That requires being guilt-free by doing the right thing.

In your case, what would happen if you get caught for selling your vote?

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@tedd before you make that wish listen to Mr Conolly on the subject of virgins ;-)

Not to say you’re not on the right track here, I’d sell out for the love of my life, if that could be arranged. And a tropical island. Cliche? perhaps, but what do I care what you think of my fantasies? ;-)

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Back in the 50’s, my aunt would drive around in rural WV and pick up people that couldn’t get to the polls to vote. She helped them decide who to vote for with a bottle of liquor. Votes were cheap back then.

I would not sell my vote.

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@chyna you do sell your vote. Not just you but everyone. We sell our vote for a dream and we sell it to the candidate who can convince us that his (or her) dream is closest to our own.

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But when you look at it; do not the candidates sell their vote in office to the highest bidder?
Why should we peons not get a cut?
Ok, my vote is up for bids, I will sell it to the candidate that offers me the most cash.
Small, unmarked bills prefered. No offer too big.

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Since I am disgusted by the corruption of politics, and since I would view such an offer as the ultimate in corruption I would…
a. Take the money and say I would vote according to their wishes
b. Vote for my candidate in the privacy of the voting booth.

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@josie I don’t think anyone needs to justify it. That is clearly the right thing to do. Even if you would vote for the wrong guy!

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I really don’t think buying votes should be a problem, it is a legitimate reason for voting for someone. Is that not how everyone votes, personal interest first?

Politicians buy plenty votes all the time. Each time they promise a tax cut and deliver, someone is getting paid for their vote.

What is really the difference between coming to my door and giving me 2k cash, or telling me you will give me what works out to about 2k in tax cuts. Other than one is up front, and the other you have to wait, it is near identical to me.

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@wundayatta They are all the wrong guy. One more reason to take the money and run.

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Then you don’t even need to enter the voting booth, do you?

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I don’t think that I would sell my vote – it is my only chance to make a difference in our government (even if that “chance” is a pipe-dream).

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All things are for sale. Shit yes I would do it. I’d be curious, what value they would place on it. They all are shit and they will always be shit. Whats the big deal? They gonna stand behind me when I fill out the ballot?

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$35 and a six pack of Coke.

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Has the ACORN vote getting machine been cranked up?

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I hope so. I hope so!

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The right to vote is immeasurably valuable, I wouldn’t sell my vote.

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No, but I would be open to leasing it.

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Really, if you think about it, everything we buy or claim to own IS a lease. You can’t take it with you.

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Since my vote is a throwaway in my state, I do wish I could cross state lines and vote in a state where it would count for something.

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