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Can you recommend 5 insightful news blogs?

Asked by jax1311 (159points) September 26th, 2012

I’m looking for news resources other than the major networks/newspapers that focus on providing an explanation and insight into what is being reported, as opposed to just trying to be the first to report.

For a point of reference, I have found that the independent sports blogs on are (in general) intelligently written and provide interesting and thorough viewpoints that are lacking on the major networks. I’m hoping to find a more general news equivalent.

Edit: I realize that “the news” is probably overly broad, if necessary feel free to limit or break up responses into categories (e.g., economics, politics, etc.).

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If you speak Polish I’d have a few really good ones. I really actually only read from news agencies’ websites. Makes you think for yourself trying to figure out what is really hapenning, but there is a trick to it. I try to triangulate the news to get the best idea of what is going on. Usually it’s the Polish Press Agency site “Polska Agencja Prasowa” (PAP for short), Russian “Ria Novosti” site (or Reuters if I need a more pro-NATO perspective), and the Chinese “Xinhua News” website. Do this long enough and you’ll be free from relying on self-proclaimed pundits, and wannabe gurus of the blogosphere. Always a good thing.

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I like:

but my fav. site that has everything, and anything, even a category for only good news, weird news, paranormal news, funny news, science, celebrity, it has it ALL.
I stay on that and all the time! I also visit to see the video of the day, I give that site a 10+ and then if you just wanna laugh your butt off- ==that link alone will take you to a variety of funny/heartwarming/hilarious stuff.
Last one I promise!!! If you wanna watch a movie at the theater and you are broke or have nobody to go with, go here, its free!

(I know the person asked for news, I was just adding some variety to the mix, they can go to them or not, I was just tryin to help)


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