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Does interstitial cystitis produce leukocytes in urine?

Asked by trypaw (332points) September 26th, 2012

Hello. I am asking this because I was told by my doctor a couple months back I could have interstitial cystitis. I had about 3 months of a UTI and was treated with antibiotics until they found no more bacteria. I still was having UTI symptoms so they said I have interstitial cystitis. Well the pain went away for a good 2 months. Now its back. By that I mean I feel like I have a UTI but I cannot tell if it’s a UTI or just the interstitial cystitis flaring up? I took a AZO UTI test and it came back Negative for Nitrites and positive for leukocytes. I am now wondering since the nitrite was negative does that mean I don’t have a UTI? Can interstitial cystitis cause white blood cells in the urine and is that why I was positive for leukocytes? Please help if you can!

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I think you should try taking antibiotics again.

Did you by any chance stop having sex, and then start up again with the same person? He might be your infection problem. Possibly passing a bacteria back and forth. Could even be something the doctors are not finding.

I don’t mean just having sex, I mean with a specific partner.

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I have not been sexually active for 4 months ever since I found out I might have IC. And last time I thought I had another uti no bacteria was found. I was on 6 different antibiotics a couple months ago when I was having uti’s and they didn’t help and I don’t think putting anymore in my system is good . I’m just wondering if my condition is causing a lot of white blood cells so I can judge whether it’s a flare up or a uti?

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Well, white blood cells are fighter cells and usually indicate infection. But, if antibiotics don’t help, I understand your hesitation and agree you should not take the drugs that don’t work. I kind of think of IC as being something doctors don’t really know what to do. I know that sucks.

Were you tested for ureaplasma? Microplasma? Those are a special culture, not routinely done. That would be treated with Doxicycline, have you taken that antibiotic?

Have you ever tried Augmentin? (amoxicillin clauvanate?)

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leukocytes are white blood cells, they are produced in bone marrow only.

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@JLeslie No I have not tried any of those things expect I was on cipro for a couple weeks some odd months back, but it didn’t help my uti, I’m not really sure what made my uti go away/ or turn into IC.

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@hendrinashipanga not totally true. Cause they’re in my urine. All the time.

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@trypaw Are you in America? Some of the drugs might have different names. If you are hestitant to try more antibiotics, which I can understand, what I recommend is next time you get a bacterial sinus infection ask for Augmentin rather than a zpack or some other drug. Augmentin is very broad spectrum, but it is ikely to give you a yeast infection so you might want to treat for yeast while you take the antibiotic. Augmentin is my magic drug, but it might not be yours.

I do recommend checking to see if they tested for ureaplasma and mycloplasma, or just taking doxycycline for two weeks. Doxy would kill those and chlamydia, and a few others with very little risk of yeast infection. Ask your GYN about tue doxycycline. Did you see a uroligist for your problems, or a GYN or Internist?

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White blood cells in the urine are usually a pretty clear indication of infection. I agree with some of the others here that an antibiotic is probably in order, but definitely eat yogurt while you are on them to prevent a yeast infection.

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