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Cost of refuse; Which municipal system can best handle a small amount of mixed small-sized refuse ?

Asked by dabbler (15793points) September 26th, 2012

e.g empty a small dust-buster Into the trash (->landfill, etc.) or into the toilet?
If a sewerage system has accommodation for things like getting bits of plastic out separately from hair and paper, then some material might be recycled. But if it has no such reclamation facility then it probably ends up in the landfill anyway – that’s if it’s trapped by the system, or else it flows out to maybe a river if it isn’t trapped. Water is used for transportation in a sewerage system, but is that more or less expensive than truck collection ?
Disposal to the trash involves plastic trash bags, collection and transportation to the dump and impact of a dump on the environment.

What do you think?

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I dump my dust-buster baggie into the woods. If there is something obvious, like a paper clip, baggie tie or diamond stud, I fish it out first.

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Put it in a brown paper bag and put in the trash. Quit using plastic trashbags. Don’t put it in the toilet, that’s a strain on your plumbing and the sewer system. It’s a toilet, not a garbage disposal system.

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Greywater systems are not for trash. By doing that, you increase the risk of creating blockages.
Think of it as if you had a septic system of your own. Whould you still put it down there? If you have ever had to deal with a sewerage backup, you may think twice.
Also, in the US, this is not flushed to a river or lake either.
Try to read up on what your city/town does and determine what works for you. Use less plastics and more paper by product in your trash plan.
If you have the luxuxry to compost, then do so.

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