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Why is Facebook not responsive in Chrome on my home PC?

Asked by metadog (377points) September 27th, 2012

Hi! I access Facebook in Chrome on a Windows 7 machine. In the last few days I have been having issues. FB will lock up, or I will click on something and get “Page not found.” errors. I don’t seem to be having problems with my ISP because I try other sites and I have no issues. I have disabled extensions, restarted, rebooted. Nothing seems to work. Just with FB. Any ideas?

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I use Facebook on Chrome 99.9% of the time and it works perfectly.

The only time that Facebook and Chrome don’t get along is when I go to certain games that require me to accept viewing ads. I have Adblock turned on, at Scrabble doesn’t like that…

So see what Chrome extensions you have that might be the problem.

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elanditoroso has a good point. Generally if any problems occur when using Chrome whilst visiting any site, more often than not it’s the extensions that you have up and running that will be the first thing to cause problems. Failing that, it’s a compatibility issue with the website itself and not the browser or vice versa – but we know that’s not the problem because there’s three of us using Facebook on the same browser.
Disable all extensions to begin with, and then load up the ones you use one by one – it is a lengthy process but it will eliminate the culprit/s – find the one/s causing the problem and either keep them disabled for the duration of your use of Facebook or some such, or just remove them. That said, Adblock and Adblock Plus are absolute diamonds worth keeping.

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@lightsourcetrickster In the description OP mentioned having done all that.

@metadog Have you also tried it in other browsers? Is this on your (own?) home computer?

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Yes, I tried other browsers, FB seems to work fine in Firefox. Yes, this is on my home PC.

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I have you on a technicality @Vencentt, albeit not a very good one, the OP did mention disabling the extensions but did not elaborate on the procedure of eliminating the culprit where possible in a clear manner.
As for the question itself, I don’t suppose there’s something in the settings of the browser that’s preventing Facebook from loading?

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Hmm, OK, and do you experience the same when you visit (i.e. with an “s” after the “http”)?

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It had to be an extension. Facebook eventually stopped acting odd when I left the extensions turned off. I am slowly turning them back on, one at a time. I haven’t been able to determine which one was causing the problem as yet.

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