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What would people say about you, at a school reunion?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) September 27th, 2012

In a way I have changed radically from the person I was at school, compared to the person I am now. In lot’s of ways I haven’t changed. I still crack jokes, I still have fun, even in the darkest of times. Because I traveled so much I attended many schools as a kid, so haven’t really kept in touch with old class mates. The bulk would be too high. I often wonder though how they have changed of course, the ones that stick in my mind.

I also wonder what they would see different in me, from those days. I think it would be a different type of assertiveness, a kinder person, they might also be surprised to learn I did seek higher education, and have two degrees incomplete. Since I was the naughty one who never paid attention! Also that I gave up booze, and weed! I would love to see old school mates, its a shame I haven’t seen any of the schools I attended having one. Would love to hear your stories regards this, if you have any!

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He drinks?

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He’s balder than a cue ball.

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Who’s the fat, bald guy?

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I haven’t changed much at all, sure I look a little older, but I think overall I would not be in the unrecognizable, ” OMG! What happened to L.?” category. lol
I don’t do reunions anyway so I could care less, there is nobody from my past that I want to see that is not already still in my life.

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Probably, “I don’t remember her.”

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“Where is he?”

I don’t attend reunions.

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Ding dong, the witch is…aah wait never mind peeps

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which witch are you?

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berserker the drunken witch of the north

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Ha! I’m already so different from what I was in high school! People would be all…whoa, she, like, talks now. And smiles. Weird.

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oh, you’re gay?

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Who’s that? I skipped out most of high school and ended up graduating from a high school completion program.

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I graduated from high school in 1970 and I’ll be attending my first reunion next month. They had the 40 year reunion 2 years ago so this one is being called “The 60th Birthday Bash”. I wasn’t going to go to this one either but one of my class mates called me up to tell me that he doesn’t have long to live and wants to see me. Man, how could I say no to that. He may be pulling my leg but I can’t assume that.

Anyway, I think that my class mates may see my personality today as they remembered me way back in high school:
Likes to goof off.
Droll sense of humor.
Good athlete.
The years haven’t been kind to me. I’m wrinkled and bald-headed. Many of my class mates may not recognize me and asks if I’m “Lon”? I’ll tell them, “No, but I use to be”. HA!

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Actually, I went to my 20th HS reunion about four-five years ago, and that pretty much was the reaction. I spent most of the night strolling around the hotel alone.

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@Kayak8 and I have the same thought. Many of them would ask me how old I was when I finally came out of the closet, and there would be a very small group who would want to take me out back and beat me for my sexual orientation.

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Probably “woah, you look so different without a spiked collar and fishnets.”

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Basically the same. A little older, few more wrinkles, and a little heavier. At my school reunions almost everyone still looks basically the same. Only a couple became very heavy, not that it matters, but almost everyone looks good, and still mostly how I remember them. As far as careers, marriages, children, nothing too way out there either. One person who I knew in jr. high, but went to the other high school wound up to be a really bad drug addict, and might be dead, I am not sure. And, another guy I went to school with is a band member in Hootie and the Blowfish. He always was into his guitar, I guess he was right, he was going to be in a rockband when he grows up. I graduated high school in ‘85.

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I’ve never been to a reunion, and I can’t imagine going. So most people wouldn’t say anything at all, since they wouldn’t think of me.

If, for some reason, I did go, it would be very embarrassing because I wouldn’t remember a person. Not a single one. Someone might or might not remember me, but if they did come up and say hello, I would look at their name tag, say hello, and smile, and really have no idea what to say.

So they’d wonder who I was, and why I was there, and if they said hello, they’d wonder why I was so aloof. And it would be because I don’t know a soul. Which is why I would never go.

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I am an order of magnitude more attractive physically than when I went to high school. I went to the twentieth last year. Women who invited me home did not remember me and thought I was there as a plus 1.

I still crushed on the same women I crushed on twenty years ago, although they were mostly 40 lbs heavier. And a small percentage of those women I still crush on, because, even though they are heavier and a little worse for wear, their inner beauty made me think I would love for them to want me, even for a moment.

I have been told that I was the hot guy at the reunion. But it doesn’t matter. The women I want are not the type to cheat on their men.

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My last two years of high school were spent in a small town full of snobby rich kids. If I went to a reunion they would think I didn’t accomplish anything with my life because I’m just a mom at the moment. You know, being just a mom is such a terrible thing.~ I did have a high school friend who once told me she thought I would accomplish more than I had, so I know for a fact this is what they would think. I’m happy and my kids are doing well. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I hope my friend is happy in her cubicle. :P

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Some people would be surprised that I’m a nurse, but other than that, I haven’t really changed much. I look pretty much the same and my personality is still pretty much the same as it was back then.

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You are who?

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They wouldn’t say anything, I wouldn’t go.

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Don’t know. I do not think there are any people who go to the reunions who would even remember who I was/am.
I still keep track of the reunions on FB and it is always the same people that were the “In” crowd, you remember the ones who would not even acknowledge you, in school. I have yet to see someone who I hung with on the website.
And like I told my wife when she asked if I was going to go to mine; Why, I did not hang around with those people when I was in school, why would I want to go back and see them now.

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@Symbeline LOL…sooo, does this make me the happy brownie witch of the west?

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Poor thing, she supported her first husband through graduate school,and after she left him he got a Genius Grant and now he’s rich; and then she married another guy and he didn’t like working so she supported him too and they had a great time but then he died and all she has to show for it is a huge bunch of children who are more interesting than mine or yours, she’s a loser.

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@susanc Ok! You convinved me I wont go to my reunion, but I’ll go to yours! Lets clear this bitch reunion out, where is it, we’ll show them what losers THEY really are. FLUTHERS UNITED!
Lets go!

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“I wonder where _____ is?”
They’d say this because i’d never attend such a cheesy waste of space get together.

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They already said it. “You’ve calmed down quite a bit”

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I have never gone to one. I am not into that show.

My graduating class was 660, so I would best guess, “Who are you?”

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I’m considering going to my 10th, next year.

While I hated high school immensely, I am curious to see whether others would view me differently. Most of the kids who treated me worst are, I’m sad to say, long since dead due to painkiller addiction. I’m also a very different person from the chaste Christian girl who roamed aimlessly through the halls with her eyes on her own shoes.

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I have gone to two of my reunions, simply because they happened to coincide with trips back to the States. It was a small town and a small school so, not that much of a dog and pony show. For some odd reason, they had one at 15 years, and I was in town, looking after my mother who was going through chemotherapy, so I walked down to where everyone was meeting. It was very informal. No dinner, just drinks and then a small core of us went bowling at a late-night bowling center. It was actually good fun.

The last one I went to was two years ago, the 25th. (yes, I am old.) More formal with a sit down dinner. I sat next to my bestie’s hubby who teased the hell out of me and it was made worse when they started reading the ‘secret messages’. Seems there were secret crushes on me in high school and they decided that place and time would be appropriate to express it. :P

So, what they said was ‘You haven’t changed much.’ and ‘You know, I used to have a crush on you in high school.’

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@Coloma Yes. You and I should rewrite the whole story haha.

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I have a 25 yr reunion coming up next month. I haven’t been to any of them. I was seriously considering going to this one, but when I thought of all the crap I’m going to have to explain what I’ve been through…I decided Forget It! I am what I am now and I don’t feel I have to feel uncomfortable about it at all. I have accepted all that has happened in my life since then….good and bad. It has made me into the person I am today. I was a good person then and still am that same person, just more mature and have lived life.

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Just thinking about going to a high school reunion makes me anxious. Most of the people I was friends with don’t go to them anyway, so I never have either. If I did go, and the people there remembered me at all, they’d be shocked at how I look now, I think. I used to be a hottie. ;)

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I went to a ten-year high-school reunion. That was plenty strange enough, but I really enjoyed the surprises.
There were several most-likely-to’s who didn’t.
There was the very mild-mannered fellow who had started his own business and, while not Bill Gates or mega-famous, was doing quite well and gushed about how much fun his kids were. Turned out to be a real model citizen.
There was the gal who had been a wallflower in school was a sly divorcee intensely checking out everybody.

In high-school I was known to some as “the computer who wore tennis shoes” after the geeky kid in some movies. They could still say the same today.
I was also on the track and cross-country teams and I was very thin. They could not say that about me now.

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Wouldn’t be seen dead at one of those things even though I have not changed much. I have no wish to be scanned and to go through the Spanish Inquisition!

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I moved out of town almost immediately after I graduated and didn’t keep in touch with any classmates. If I went to my high school’s reunion, I think they would be shocked. I saw a few old classmates once and they were really confused about who I am now. I used to be hyper, giggly, a mile a minute talkative, a huge social butterfly, always into something, waaaay too trusting and open.

The only thing that’s “the same” would be—I wouldn’t drink. I didn’t drink in high school because I was a “good girl.” Now, I love a good party, but wouldn’t drink at the reunion because I don’t drink with people I don’t know. They’ll probably think I’d not have touched a drop from age 17 on. Haha!

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@augustlan Give me a break, you eternal hottie. Nothing has changed.

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Aw, that’s sweet @susanc. But I know better. :p

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they would probably say…what is he doing here???? There are a couple of people I would be interested in finding out what happened to them, but others I would even avoid in a reunion situation as I would be bored of them by the time my bum touched a seat.

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You haven’t gotten your college degree yet?

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