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What are some sites to get decent lingerie at good prices?

Asked by jca (35967points) September 28th, 2012

I am looking for some nice lingerie but not pay a ton of money for it. I know I can go into TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

What are some good sites for lingerie that’s not too expensive?

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Define “decent,” “good prices” and “not too expensive.”

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@gailcalled: “Decent” is not Walmart quality. “Good prices” is in the area of $50—$75. Same for “not too expensive.”

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Bra, panties? Do women wear any other form on lingerie these days? Teddies, chemises?

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I like Hips and Curves, they seem to have lots of sizes from small to large and priced quite well. here

They seem to have a broad range from corsets, to fetish wear, to regular undies and more.

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@gailcalled: Teddies, chemises.

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Target supposedly has good/low cost lingerie. I have not checked lately.

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You can find “decent” and not so decent,lol, lingerie here
Seriously though, I do like this site very much. Good quality, good selection,good customer service, and the website is set up to make it easy to shop.
Also, check out this site. Sure, some of it is trashy, but there are tasteful things too. Not sure how sexy you want to go. Do you want dressy things or do you like cotton?
Target has some nice things. Their store brand Gilligan and O’Malley is nice.

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