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Anyone have a recipe or cooking method for Bubble & Squeak?

Asked by marinelife (61565points) September 28th, 2012

I have leftover pot roast with onions, potatoes, celery and carrots that I want to make Bubble & Squeak with.

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Bubble and Squeak is usually just leftover mashed potatoes and cabbage formed into a cake and sauteed. Not sure how the meaty bits would fit in with that.

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Wow, I have never heard of such a thing.

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Here’s the official version

I too have always thought that cabbage was mandatory, plus the lovely rutabaga.

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“In defense of the Bubble and Squeak recipes, Elaine Lemm is right, there is no true recipe and there is no way that it must have cabbage in it. I am born and bred in England and bubble was a common lunch on a Monday when I was growing up and it really is whatever was left over. I still make it most weeks, it is delicious.”


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What I want to know is how much butter do you saute it in and do people use fresh onion in it.

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Depending on how much food you are sauteeing, I would probably start by melting a few tablespoons of butter in the pan and then add some more if you need to. Or you could just use oil or half and half oil and butter. There’s never anything bad about adding onion to anything.

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Do you use any condiments with it? Horse radish? Worcestershire sauce? Mustard? Chutney? Ketchup? Cheddar cheese? Other?

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Where are the Brits when you need them?

I’m thinking now that I will make a roast beef hash without authentic British input.

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The British are sleeping, the British are sleeping…..

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Yea! Not ucme!

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Unfortunately i’m not going to be of any help on this one, I can’t stand cabbage see.
Never had Bubble & Squeak, sorry @marinelife
Thanks for sending the question my way though, just because.
Shit, people are watching & I was of no use whatsoever….runs & hides.

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I can do bunny shadows though… Oh well.

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@marinelife. My dad made Bubble & Squeak once and we hated it but I think it’s because he used too much fat to cook it in. I also agree it is made of leftovers and I have never heard of any rules about what it must contain. It’s a recipe derived from the need to save money by not wasting food.

So, I would suggest using a non-stick pan and only a small about of butter. You want it to develop a bit of a crust rather than be sloppy and greasy.

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Disclaimer: This is coming from an American Bird learning to cook from a bachelor British bloke and his mum., both of whom are good cooks.

Bubble & Squeak is just leftovers mushed together and then heated up in a pan. Like @Bellatrix says, there are no rules for the ingredients, although potatoes and cabbage are traditional. It’s all about maximizing the leftovers and turning it into another meal.

Feel free to add anything you want. Chopped fresh onions are fine and would add to the basically bland taste. Once mixed, form it into patties. I find it helpful to stick them in the microwave to warm them up before frying. They should be hot, and the frying doesn’t take that long. It doesn’t take that much butter or any other non-stick coating, like oil or animal fat. The goal is to get both sides slightly crispy and have the insides hot and still moist.

@Sunny2 Bubble & Squeak is fairly bland since all of the ingredients are just being rewarmed. If you are like me and prefer a bit of flavor added, just about any condiment can be used. It’s all about preferential taste.

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I think a bit of Worcestershire sauce or something would be good.

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I have never even heard of ” bubble and squeak” other than the time I boiled my daughters sick pet rat by accident. :-/
Well, always something new to learn!

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I appreciate the variation on what to do with leftovers. I usually make soup. I also make the sauce with malt vinegar and capers to use with leftover meat. Love it.

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I just squash it all together like a giant burger, add some butter and olive oil, salt and pepper, and fry it til it’s looks right.
Flipping it around every now and again.

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My mother used to fry onions in butter and then mix them with left-over mashed potatoes. Then she’d form the potatoes into croquets and fry them up in a cast-iron skillet. Delicious, but what wouldn’t be with all that butter and salt?

This would be “Bubble” only?

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My dad used to make this, with mashed potatoes, cabbage and brussels sprouts, and salt and pepper. Sometimes cooked peas as well, never carrots and definitely never meat. He would throw the mash and veg in a big pan and fry it, turning occasionally. Not made into patties, just fried up in a big scrambled mess until the potato starts to go crispy.


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Yep, just leftovers (usually from the sunday roast) chopped up small and fried together… In my family we typically add egg to the mixture as a kind of binding. Delicious!

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