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If you could transfer your job to another state, would you move? Why or why not?

Asked by ShanEnri (4409points) September 29th, 2012

I work for a company that has plants in many states and countries. I was debating applying for a job at one of them, but I hesitate because it is such a major decision to make. I just am sick of where I live right now and I’m just ready for a change. So what would be the deciding factor for your decision to move or not?

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The immediate response is ‘yes’. I’ve done it several times and have no regrets. After viewing your profile description, it appears that you have more to take into consideration than I did as a single person.

Some questions for you: What does your husband have to say about the opportunity? What about the children? Are either of them in college? If you move, would it make a difference on the cost of their education? Could moving to a different area in your current location make a difference in how you feel? If you make the move and find out that it was a mistake, how long would you be stuck in the new location? A co-worker transferred to a new location and hated it. In order to get out, he would have to pay the company back for the relocation costs unless he stayed for two years or longer.

If your family is on board with the move, then it is just a matter of researching the potential areas. Let us know of any that spark interest. We may be able to provide insight.

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Yes. I would transfer to a state that had a beach/ocean nearby. I am now in the position that I don’t have any family depending on me, no spouse, nothing else to hold me where I’m living now.

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Right now I need to stay where I am while my kids finish high school. But I could relocate to NY as soon as I wanted, and it would probably be better for my career because it would increase my visibility.

But I live in one of the best places in the world, so I don’t have much incentive to move.

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In a heartbeat, I live in Illinois, the tax and spend capital of the world. We had a 50% state tax increase last year, and they already want to raise it again.

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Sure why not. I would consider a state that would pay the same wage but has lower cost of living. Only make sure the job itself is in a city but you can live outside the city limits where it is cheaper or that maybe it at least has public transportation if you don’t want to drive.

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It depends on where the transfer would take me but, as long as I can take my boyfriend and dogs, I am always up for a change of scenery.

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@zenvelo: Eager to learn what you consider “one of the best places in the world.”

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Absolutely! Especially if you are sick of where you live, what a great opportunity to be able to move with your company. Go for it! You can always move back if it does not turn out how you thought it would.

What is stopping you?

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No way! My community is here. All my friends that matter. Everything I do is here. My political capital is all here. People know me here. I can get things done here. I know where to get my car fixed and house fixed and my body fixed. I can pull strings here.

But probably most importantly, my spiritual community is here, and it is a unique community that has no counterpart and nothing even close to it anywhere else in the world.

I think people who move often way underestimate the value of the social capital they have. Now granted, if you are younger, you may have less social capital, and so you wouldn’t be giving up as much. But in my case, it would be enormous what I would give up, and it would severely diminish my quality of life if I moved elsewhere, unless I could find a way to become involved in my new community very quickly.

I would have go all out when I got there, and get involved in everything. I don’t know if I could find musicians I could hang with because the style of music I do is unusual. And the dance I do can’t be done anywhere else. I would have start a new group myself. That would be difficult and it is unlikely that I would succeed.

Still, sometimes I think about moving somewhere else. But usually it’s just for a while. Of if life circumstances were to change, then I might want to move. My job is pretty unique, too. I’m sure I could get another one, but it’s hard to imagine getting one this easy.

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@gailcalled The San Francisco Bay Area, in a small town in the east bay with open space all around the town.

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If the company was paying for it, I would go. At my own expense, never.

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Someplace with more lurve than this question.

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If you are unhappy with your current environment I would transfer,especially if a job is available in another state. Their is nothing wrong with change it’s what life is about. Nothing stays the same forever.

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@zenvelo: You would voluntarily move from the Bay Area (with greenswards, no less) to NYC?

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@gailcalled I said it would be good for my career, but I have no other reason to move.

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