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Can anyone help with an LCD HDTV issue?

Asked by Berserker (33543points) September 29th, 2012

A while back I got a new LCD TV. It’s really great and everything, like having God in your living room. But when I’m playing Playstation 3 games, whenever there’s movement in many games everything seems a little blurry. Why does that happen? And is there some way to rectify this? Here are the specs for my TV if this helps in finding a solution; 1080p, 120hz and I’m using an HDMI cable I bought for 16 dollars. The TV is from LG.

This doesn’t ruin my gaming experience, I’ve had the TV for a bit and I’m fine with this, but if there IS a way to stop the motion blurriness that would be pretty cool. Is there anything in settings I should do? I looked through them in detail, nothing really does anything. They’re mostly for how the picture comes in rather than what I’m looking to fix. Should I get a better HDMI cable? I heard some are much better than others. How true is this? There has to be a reason why some are ten bucks while others are a whopping eighty dollars.
Or maybe there’s some settings in my PS3 I should look at? I’m pretty sure on that end, I’ve got everything down though.
Any ideas? Thanks.

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What model is the TV? I have a 60”, I think (it’s at the other house), and I had to turn off one of the options to stop that blurriness. Something like Magic Motion.

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It’s an LG 42’’. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a magic motion on mine…

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I don’t know what to do about blurriness, but I can answer your question about HDMI cables: there is no difference between the cheap ones and the expensive ones – or at least, this is what my compy friends tell me. Eighty-dollar cables are a big scam.

The specs on my Samsung TV are the same as your LG, and we are fine playing Skyrim with our PS3 and a $5 Amazon cable… dunno what to tell ya :(

This article might, though. I think what @filmfann is talking about is the “smoother”.

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@wildpotato Holy crap, thanks for the article. I’m understanding a bunch of stuff now. (and why my friend’s TV looks so ’‘real’’ when she watches movies) I don’t seem to HAVE a smoother feature on mine…not that I can find. As I said it doesn’t really bother me, I mean I can still see what I’m doing in the game and everything looks nice; just looks nicer when the screen isn’t moving. That’s one thing I failed to mention…blurriness only when the screen, or ’‘camera’’ moves. If the screen is still, like in a fighting game, the blurriness doesn’t occur no matter how much action happens on the screen.

And as the article said, I heard today that 120hz really is no different than 60. I was suggested to look for 200+hz, although I didn’t even know that higher than 120 existed. I’m not opting for that solution, I’m fine with what I have now.

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?? Sorry Homie, can’t help you.

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If you’ve tried all your TV’s screen motion settings and other pertinent settings that may have to do with the screen, sorry but, that could be it. LCD – Likely Crazy Display

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What kind of tv did you have before the new lg? Ghosting is a common issue with LCDs, much more so than tube tv’s. I remember several years ago when I got my first LCD tv from having a tube tv, it took some time for me to adjust to the blurry ghosting that happens when Playing games.

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Yeah, I had an RCA tube TV. For like, ten years. So I might just have to get used to it?

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