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What does "1 of 5 peers" mean in Vuze?

Asked by Glad2bhear (123points) September 29th, 2012

I’m using the torrent app called Vuze on my MBP & I know what seeds & peers are, but I don’t understand what “1 of 5 peers” or “2 of 3 seeds” in the columns refer to.

[I’m running Mt. Lion 10.8.2 & Vuze Plus v if that helps any.]

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Peers are sources who do not have everything of what you want to download, and are still downloading what they do not have yet, but are uploading what they already have. Seeds are sources that do have the complete thing, have finished downloading everything they want, and are just uploading now.
“1 of 5” means that 5 sources have been found, but you are only connected and downloading from one of them.

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Thanks! That’s very helpful, but why wouldn’t I get connected to all of the sources?

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The source computers usually have limits on how many people are allowed to connect to them at any given point. For example someone sets the limit to 2, so at most 2 people can download from him, anyone else who wants to download can not connect and is put in a waiting queue.

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You really seem to know your stuff! Thanks again.

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