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Who is your favorite Chef on Food Network?

Asked by simone54 (7629points) June 4th, 2008
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Alton Brown. I learn more from one episode of Good Eats than from an entire season of other chef shows.

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I’ll have to say Alton Brown on Good Eats. Every time I watch that show I learn about 3 new things about cooking. Sure I might be able to steal a recipe from others guys on shows but I don’t learn anything.

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Giada is my favorite chef. I love cooking Italian food.

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I’m have to agree w/ mxgator on this one. Giada’s a hottie!

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Paula Deen

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Ina Garten.

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alton brown, the mans a genius

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Well I do love Alton, but I wouldn’t say he’s a genius. It’s not like he’s thinking of all those facts off the top of his head. I’m sure he knows a lot but I’m sure he’s got a group of people doing research to put on the show.

Never-the-less, I learn the most watching his show, so he’s my favorite.

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Alton Brown!!!!!

Although I will admit, Rachel Ray has some realllllly good recipes out there, her food is just great!
Paulas is of course better, but each recipe of hers requires at least 4 sticks of butter lol, and then you feel like you just ate 4 sticks of butter afterwards, but its still… soo good

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Alton Brown for the education.
Giada for the food.
An Ina Garten ‘cuz she’s a clone of my wife.

As for Paula Deen:

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I like the cake people

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Giada! I can give you two good reasons.

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Two mesmerizing, jiggly reasons?

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Giada and I can also give you two good reasons.

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I love Racheal Ray. First off, she gives me great ideas on simple food. Many times she gives me very good ideas on food pairings. I don’t usually make her recipes but I do take her ideas and incorporate them into my tastes. Secondly, she is a pert little cutie who I could easily share a bed and a sandwich with!

I will say that I very much like ALton Brown. And, don’t boo or hiss me, or make fun of my age, but I really did enjoy Jeff Smith. His shows and books taught me a lot about prep and pairings and a love for sharing food with freinds and family.

EDIT: Sorry. I didn’t read the question correctly…you said Food Network Chef. I don’t think RR is on Food Network and I know Jeff Smith was not….

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I first started learning to cook watching Jeff Smith (PBS’ “The Frugal Gourmet”). “Hot pan, cold oil – food won’t stick!

Too bad about his predilections. Seems his onscreen persona was very different from real-life, and he died in exile and shame. :(

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@sueanne: rr is on food network.

frugal gourmet was awesome, as was yan can cook. man, could he cut up veggies or what! the older italian lady and rick bayless on pbs is good also i miss the two fat ladys :(

i don’t quite get the appeal of giada, or the “big headed lady” as she’s known at my house. well…maybe i do get the two big reasons…

i like recipes from ellie and tyler, but prefer to watch alton

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paula dean hands down

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Alton Brown for sure but the way he talks on his show can get old (frequent random pauses and emphasis). I learn the most watching his show. But my favorite show is Ace of Cakes.

I call Paula Deen the butter lady; 99% of what she cooks involves a stick of butter. I had a good laugh when she started making jokes about her butter use.

Rachael Ray to me is the best at what she does. She just seems like a natural.

Giada’s show is relaxing to watch, but her recipes suck. As do Sandra Lee’s, but I wonder if that’s because she got pidgeon-holed into the “semi-homemade” crap theme.

Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri are really annoying.

Ina Garten seems super pretentious; that goes triple for Alex Guarnaschelli.

Anne Burell is SO condescending. She seems to be working on it though.

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