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What are the different types of matches being played at the Ryder Cup?

Asked by srmorgan (6735points) September 29th, 2012

I am totally confused by the type of matches being played at the Ryder Cup in Chicago.
What does it mean when someone wins 5 and 4 or 7 and 6.
I know that tomorrow’s matches are head to head but what went on yesterday and today?

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“In the Ryder Cup, both teams of 12 play each other over three days and 28 matches, of which each one is worth one point. To win the overall match 14.5 points are needed, but Europe will retain the trophy if it is a 14–14 tie.

The first day of competition features eight matches between two-man teams – four foursomes and four fourball matches. The format for the second day is identical, while Sunday features 12 singles matches. All 28 matches are contested under a matchplay format, whereby players compete against each other, not the course.

The first foursomes pit two European players against two American counterparts. Each pairing only uses one ball and plays alternate shots. The pairings alternate who plays the tee shots with one player teeing off on the odd-numbered holes, the other on the even. As in fourballs, the number of holes won determines the outcome in a matchplay format.

The four fourball pairings use the same number of players – eight from each side – for four matches. The best individual score wins the hole in a matchplay format where the number of holes won determines the outcome of the match.

All 12 players from each team pair up against each other in Sunday’s closing singles matches. Again, the lowest score on each hole wins the hole in this matchplay format.”

Irish Times

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