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How do you feel about Paul Singer (known as The Vulture) funding Romney & Ryan's run for the Presidency of the United States?

Asked by Linda_Owl (7728points) September 30th, 2012

Paul Singer has contributed a tremendous amount of money to the Republican Party. He is known as The Vulture due to a lawsuit that he filed that took $400 million dollars from an organization that was intended for the treatment of Cholera in the Congo – this lawsuit was deemed illegal by the UK & Germany & Holland, but the money was taken by Paul Singer’s hedge fund & went into his account. You might find this link to be informative

I think it is another example of the fact that the wealthiest Americans think that they can do whatever they want to in the United States & in the world. But I have been wrong before – tell me what YOU think.

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While I disagree with his politics, I certainly feel it is his right as a human being (not as a corporation) to spend his money as he sees fit. Or perhaps I should say “throw away” his money as he wishes.

Said another way – I can’t think any worse of him. So it really doesn’t matter.

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Okay, this guy is scum, but I am glad he is wasting his money on this election. I am always glad to hear about millionaires pouring money into elections, because it ends up helping the economy. Meg Whitman put $140 Million of her own money in an election try she had no chance of winning.

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I feel the same as I do about Sheldon Adelson, who has said he needs a Romney Department of Justice to not prosecute him for bribing foreign officials and money laundering..He admitted last week that he is spending millions on Romney “for defense”.

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He must be expecting a return on his investment.

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Are these the sort of people the Tea Party support?

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About the same as I feel about Immelt’s backing of Obama in 08.

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