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Who are some interesting Instagram users?

Asked by Nimis (13127points) September 30th, 2012 from iPhone

Not yourself.
Not anyone you know IRL.
Not a celebrity.

I’m looking for some eye candy.

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It can’t be Instagrammers that I’ve met through the app and not in person?

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… also, what types of photos interest you? I usually find new people by searching hashtags.

thatturtle is my fiancé, and he takes some interesting pics, as well as a lot of food photos, because he loves to cook.

One popular IGer that I met online years before IG is drewmac – but I havent met him in person yet.

Another very interesting young man that is popular on IG is seanwes – I also met him online years ago; but we did meet in-person during his recent trip to NYC.

waveform posts some amazing images – usually b&w. I also met him online before IG, but haven’t met in person yet.

foodsyoucaneat is a chef in Philly, we went to his restaurant after seeing his posts on IG, and ran into him on our way out ofter the meal, so we said hello.

darrenerbe and thesecondgleam are a young couple that take lovely photos. I found them through location tags from my own photos, so we live in the same area, but haven’t met in person.

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@hearkat Definitely! That counts. I’m just trying to avoid the I-think-they’re-good-because-I-like-them-personally kind of thing. I’m interested in a little bit of everything. So long as they’re good at what they do.

Thanks! I’ll check them out.

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I don’t even know what “Instagram” is.

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@Nimis: Additionally, there are several apps that show your IG content in different ways: Instafocus is a gorgeous client, and they feature creative IGers; Instamap allows you to explore the world of IG through location tags and hashtags; Statigram ( allows you to view your feed on any web browser, and provides statistical data about your photos.

In the “News” tab of Instagram, you get the list of activity on your own photos, but the “Friends” section will highlight photos that people you are following have Liked… I found a lot of cool people that way. I also go through friends’ lists of who they are following or being followed by to find other people that I might know (such as fellow jellies) or be interested in.

Was it you that Liked so many of my pics the other day? Or just another Jelly that saw this page?

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@Dutchess_III: Instagram is a very popular Mobile App for iOS and Android that allows users to post photographs. The site includes several photo filters and effects that people use to enhance or modify the photos. They can be geotagged to a specific location or people use Twitter-like #hashtags to label and categorize their images – like the tags we use on questions here.

Some people are very creative and artistic, and a whole industry has popped up around IG… companion apps, services that will print your pics on magnets, postcards and even on canvas. There are art galleries doing entire shows on Mobile Photography.

The App was purchased by Facebook for in inconceivable sum earlier this year. Thus far, FB seems to have kept its promise to not change the App. If you have a FB account, you could search for Instagram and view their page for sample images. I’m sure a Google image search would also turn up a lot of examples, too.

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A guy called @peteschleif posts some pretty interesting photos.

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