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Do you buy fundraiser items?

Asked by DigitalBlue (7072points) September 30th, 2012

Every kid I know seems to have a fundraiser packet right now. Usually the items are very poor quality, or very small quantities, for very high prices.

Do you ever buy them?
Does it depend what they are? What items are you more likely to buy?
Does it depend if it is your child (or grandchild) selling them, or will you purchase them from other peoples’ children? Or kids that go door to door? They aren’t allowed to do that around here, anymore, but I’m not sure if that is true everywhere.
Do you buy Girl Scout cookies?

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No, they are overpriced.

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Every once in a while. And it does depend on what they are.

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Sadly, many organizations that partner with schools, teams, or clubs to allow kids to raise funds are getting very low cost labor. That is, the kids are being taken advantage of. I would not support such fundraisers that are arranged through corporate “partnerships.” However, when children/teenagers build, bake, sew, or create in some other way a useful item, I am very happy to support them.

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Only if its a relative like a neice or nephew but I do buy girl scout cookies every year since I won a prize for selling them when I was a kid and remember the feeling when I achieved my goal.

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@Foster12 I really never see that, but I think it’s a much better idea. I would be way more inclined to buy products or projects created by students.

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I buy from my grandkids, and the kids of my friends who buy from my grandkids. I try to avoid food things and junk I won’t use. My favorite thing is wrapping paper, too expensive but it is usually good quality that doesn’t rip when wrapping odd-shaped items.

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No, but I will make a small cash donation. I live in a very small community and like to be as supportive as possible.

My favorite activity is the local car wash. That makes sense. The kids wash my car; I give them money.

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No. Not as a rule. It’s usually a very small portion of something very expensive.

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Nope. If the kids need to raise money, we’ll pay for it. If they want to earn it themselves, it has to be doing something useful, not selling crap no one needs.

We were asked to sell flowers for the kids daycare. These were things that most of the neighbors wanted and we found we had a lot of willing customers.

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As a young Boy Scout, I was constantly forced to sell jamboree tickets or pens or pine cones door to door. I hated it, and now when I see someone doing that, I give them more courtesy than I was given, and I always buy girl scout cookies.

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How can a Gigi resist her grand children?

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I buy a couple boxes each year of GS cookies. On occasion I buy magazine subscriptions. And Boy Scout pop corn from my son. I buy wreaths from the scouts at Christmas time.

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It depends on the organization being represented, if I know the kid, and if the item is useful.

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Only if it is good chocolate or I like the charity that is benefiting.

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I did buy gift cards from my cousin a few years ago. That was a good fundraiser. You buy GC cards from places you shop anyway like Target and Lowe’s and they give back some small percentage to the school. I think I bought something like $300 in cards. It did not cost me one penny extra than the value of the card. As opposed to buying gift wrap or candy for a stupid high price. I much rather just write a check directly to the school than buy something I don’t need. Once in a while a kid hits me when a chocolate bar sounds good, and I might spend the $2, but not often. I never buy gift wrap. Maybe once I bought a magazine subscription.

I used to buy girl scout cookies, the somoas, because I loved them, but the taste changed or my tastes changed, not sure which? I haven’t bought a girl scout cookie in over 5 years.

I do give to charities though, partcipate in events like car shows where the money goes to a specific charity, stuff like that. But, I don’t think I consider thay fundraiser? Not sure. We pay to show our car and hang out with our friends for the day.

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I’ve only ever seen kids selling various types of chocolates, sometimes lollies. I guess they know their market around here, hahaha. Usually I will buy something from them, because I had to do a lot of fundraising when I was younger, either for school or dancing. Since all the kids in the class are fundraising at once, the market is saturated. It’s tough work!

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It depends on the fundraiser.

There are some charities that I find worthy of donating to anyways, and then there are some of the thing on Kickstarter that my wife and I have donated to as well. However, I find most fundraisers annoying at best.

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It really depends on the fundraiser. I look at how much the school gets from the sales (to be sure they are getting a decent amount) and what they are selling. Right now, my son has one for magazine subscriptions. If we buy any, it will be just for us. We won’t go around asking other’s to buy some as well. Many of my family members would rather donate money to the school than purchase things through a fundraiser.

I buy girl scout cookies every year, but not always from the same person.

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It depends on their own and their wills, I buy girl scout cookie every day.

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When my kids and my friends’ kids were in elementary school and it was a big deal to them, I usually bought some gift wrap or gift bags from their fundraisers. At least they were actually useful, if terribly overpriced. As they got older and understood the whole system better, I stopped buying, and we never had them pester other people about buying, either. Much rather make a direct donation to the school or organization.

I do buy Girl Scout cookies, but only because I really, really like the peanut butter sandwich ones!

On a side note, my kids’ high school recently held a fund raiser night at Chik-fil-A. That disturbed me so much. :/

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Generally, no.

However, every year I buy exactly one box of Thin Mints and one box of Samoas. BUT, now Keebler has girl-scout equivalent, so I have one more reason to not give money to a publicly supported religious organization.

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Some. Depends on the kid (and if I know the parents), the cause (I won’t buy stuff to support the football team. I will buy stuff to support the debate team), and the item being sold (I don’t buy candy).

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Wouldn’t it be more effective to just donate directly?

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