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Is it possible to extract just the audio portion of a YouTube video, save in the AAC or MP3 format on a PC, then copy it to a CD-R?

Asked by 2davidc8 (10186points) October 1st, 2012

The reason I ask is that there are lots of good folk dance music (often played at, say, weddings and festivities in remote villages around the world) that are suitable for dancing. I would like to make a CD of this music that we could use at our local dance group.

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Go here and paste your youtube url.

And remember not to copy any copyright material without the owners permission!!!!!!!!
you have my permission to copy any of my stuff ;0)

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Search for “add ons” or “extensions” for your particular browser. You can install the save mp3 from YouTube application for either.

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Realplayer also allows you to download the content and convert to the formats you listed and many more.

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Yes, it’s very easy. allows you to save a Youtube video as either an MP3, a video or ringtone. Just copy and paste the url and choose which option you want. There are other sites that allow you to do this as well, but I think Savetube is the easiest to use. These sites don’t cater to just Youtube. Other video sites may or may not work. You’ll have to play around figure which ones work and which ones don’t.

With RealPlayer, though, be aware that not all Youtube videos will download successfully. If it has ads, I don’t think it will download. And RealPlayer works best with Mozilla.

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Or you can go here download any part of their youtube toolkit (as it were) or just download the lot, it’s free too.

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On Mozilla Firefox there’s this extension called “Easy YouTube Downloader”. It’s great and I use it all the time. Make sure it gets to your ‘Music’ folder, not your ‘Downloads’ folder.

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