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How have you found the places online you go back to over and over again?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) October 1st, 2012

I think I just turned a corner. For a long time, the internet was too big, and I couldn’t find anything. But due to the election, I may have found a bunch of places I check in on a daily basis. They include the Philadelphia Inquirer, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast,, and RealClearPolitics (for election season).

I found them by hearing about them in the news, and by connections to others on the list. They all seem to cover some similar items and some different items. I think all of them are fairly liberal, although not always.

How did you find the places you go to often on the internet? Why do you keep going to them? Is there some connection between them, or some commonality?

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Usually for me it’s a site that was linked to by a friend on Facebook or in their blog.

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Serendipity. And links.

I found an ABC news political column that was about the 2004 election. And it had links to other political sites. And the writers at ABC put together Politico. Then they noted, and there was another independent Poll accumulator I followed. A lot of those have changed as people get burnt out and move on.

But my favorites are just web sites i find as I am looking for something else. That’s how I found Fluther.

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Most of the sites I go to are niche sites. Dumpshock is only of interest to those who play Shadowrun, and I don’t think many people here are interested in the WoT forums or wiki. So Google is definitely my friend.

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Googling and serendipity. I’m the Duchess of Serendip and I ride a donkey.

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@zenvelo I really miss It’s not the same now that it’s attached to the NYT.

Mostly, I follow other people to websites that end up being regular favourites. There are very few that I contribute to, and those are usually personal (serendipitous) discoveries. Outside of Facebook, I don’t want my real and online lives overlapping. Not that I’m a different person, I just want the freedom of not having anyone I’m accountable to looking over my shoulder.

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I’m about to give an incredibly nerdy answer but here it goes. I like the BBC, I spend a lit of time reading about world news, current happenings and the like. You should give it a try. is the link I use.

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The regular searches and my online contacts.

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The river flows, and the info just happens to come my way. Sometimes I find sites because they were recommended by a friend or a jelly (not mutually exclusive terms). I found the 538 blog because of DalePetrie here on Fluther. I think I found HuffPo through Facebook links, and I know I found Pinterest that way. I found Fluther by reading an article about it on another site, when I was just browsing around.

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@Sunny2 I am like you. Can I have a title too? __of Serendip? I want to be queen but I don’t want to outrank you,lol.

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I am surprised actually that I don’t travel much on the Net, well at least as much as I used to. I think it grew kind of stale for me. More importantly though, I have stuck where I feel at home. I use IMVU, which stand for Instant Messaging Virtual Universe. I like it because it is very visual. I have an avatar and homes and furniture and beautiful scenes with trees and birds and butterfly’s. I also have clubs! I stuck there because I made good friends, but also I do 3D Developing, which I learned from IMVU. So it gives me release on my creative side.

Now I love Fluther. I am getting addicted. I check in a few times a day. I don’t do Face Book, Twitter or any of those. So my Net foot print is growing smaller, and for some reason I like that. It was quite big at one time, like Big Foots!

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@Earthgirl You may be queen. I don’t want the responsibility. That’s why I didn’t choose it, your highness.

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