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Why does my albino hedgehog have orange/brown yellow spots on her quills?

Asked by trypaw (332points) October 1st, 2012

I have had my hedgehog for a little over a year, I got her when she was about 6months-1 year old. Over time she has developed these “spots” on her quills. They are orange/yellow/tan colored and are only near the middle of her body and some on her sides (on her quills) I bathe her twice a week and clean her cage twice a week. There didn’t use to be so much spots on her quills but now there is a lot? Almost like they are spreading? She doesn’t seem ill and she has had them for probably 8 months. Anyone know why? Do they just get these marking as they get older? I cannot find ANYTHING online about these spots. Please help if you can?

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Do you take her to the vet? Does the person you bought her from have some ideas?

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No vet in my immediate area will see her and she really doesn’t act sick at all. I don’t have any contact with the person I got her from because she was my old roommate and wont even talk to me anymore.

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Are hedgehogs meant to be house pets?

Here is a site that has a forum and a place for Q and A’s.

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Thanks for the forum link, and yes they can be.

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I dont know the answer to this question, but yes @gailcalled they make great pets. I had a friend who had one, cutest little thing.

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Are you certain your hedgehog is albino?

I think it would be useful to identify the type of hedgehog you have, as some have 100% white spines, while others have bands of colors with 90–95% white spines.

Scroll down to white hedgehogs shown at The International Hedgehog Society’s Color Guide page and read which your hedgehog most closely resembles.

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