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Your favorite notebook -- paper notebook not a computer?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) June 4th, 2008 from iPhone

What is your favorite paper notebook? Someone gave me a Boorum & Pease notebook (21 300 R to be specific) and I love it. I’ve also been a fan of Crane paper (but I don’t think they make notebooks like the B&P one I have). I’m curious to know…what is your favorite notebook?

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moleskines are cool.

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Moleskine Notebook

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I forgot to mention the moleskine. Yep, I like them. Sometimes the paper quality bugs me because it can’t handle ink very well. But I do like them.

What else?

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@athar: You should try the Moleksine Watercolor or Sketch Notebooks. They are specially designed for heavy ink use and drawing.

I also like the Dot Grid Book – really helpful if you are into design.

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Ampad makes good notebooks. I have one, kind of regular, but with a heavy cover that doesn’t rip off, strong spiral bound, and good quality (20lb weight) paper. Made in USA.

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Here’s a nice comparison of notebooks of this sort: Sweet decay

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beat me to it, @Mangus… well played!

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you mean writing paper??

if so i like and i like how its really white… hah

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For actual note-taking when you might not want to fill up all those leather-bound moleskins, definitely the Miquelrius Notebook 1. I believe they also make a “Notebook 4” which has more pages.

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wow, i cant believe people get this into notebooks. its paper why spend unnecessary money on it. i like grid paper for taking notes but i cant find it anywhere spiral bound. my grandpa buys a ton when he goes to germany so i use that stuff

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Moleskine squared A5 with Post-it tabs to seperate sections and projects.

I was at Ikea the other day and got a nice fabric-y hardback ‘Strikt’ sketchbook for £1.59. Or rather, I got 3!

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@Waterskier: Yeah… I guess old people (like myself) like paper :-)

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Moleskine, the hipster notebook. :{

I’ve been using Piccadilly notebooks lately, which are more durable, fold flatter, don’t make outrageous claims about being used by famous figures (fact: you were lied to by that poster at Barnes & Noble), and are bought at 3$ a piece.

Being a bit OCD about notebooks, it pains me when people get a superiority complex over their Moleskines.

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@binary: I tend to agree. Moleskines have great covers but the paper itself is fairly bad quality.

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I’ve been wanting to try doane paper grid + line notebooks.

Oh yah, and the new Sharpie pen.

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