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Sports Fanatics: Can the Washington Nationals start Strasburg in the playoffs?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4372points) October 2nd, 2012

I mean, wouldn’t you? I’m a firm believer in pitching wins championships. I feel so bad for Strasburg. I’m from San Diego and our paper the Union Tribune always had stories of him when he was playing for SDSU Aztecs. This guy is a gamer, wouldn’t you start him in the playoffs?! I mean he’s had like a months rest. Is he even elegible?

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He’s still on the roster so he technically he’s still eligible for the postseason roster but he’s done. He hasn’t thrown for 25 days (so far as I know) and they’re counting on him to be an ace for years, they weren’t willing to risk him when he was pitching regularly they definitely won’t risk him now.

If I was manager I’d have been very tempted to have him miss some starts after the break and keep him throwing. He was wearing, then who isn’t, and his numbers aren’t what they were in the first half but I’d have hoped to cut his innings enough in June/July/August to keep him working in October. Problem is that’s another 3–6 starts depending on where you put him and another 15–42+ innings of high pressure pitching. And if you turn a 3 or 4 of his wins to losses we’re talking wildcard which almost certainly increases his post season innings (if we win). There’s also an argument that coming back from TJ surgery to inconsistent pitching heightens the risk of further injury. All in all while I’d be tempted and hoping to get away with it, I’m not sure I risk it if I actually had to make the decision.

In the end I’m rootin’ for ‘em but I don’t think the Nats, with or without Stras, are ready to go all the way this year so – hopefully – in the end shutting him down and bringing him back stronger with an improved team next year will be the right call, I think it is long term, but there are always a lot of what if’s.

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@wonderingwhy If the Nationals make it to the World Series do you start him?

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Assuming I’d kept him as part of my 25 and if he’d been throwing simulated games and getting in bullpen sessions to keep loose and ready, well… it’d certainly be tempting. But if he’s on the roster but not throwing and not dressing, I don’t think I’d take the risk. As hard as he throws it’s too easy to snap something and loose him.

Let’s see, with Gonzales and Zimmermann I feel good Detwiler and Jackson not as much so but I’d have confidence in them. If it came down to game 4 – especially game 7 – and I got antsy, I might look hard at having him out as setup in the 8th or an emergency reliever if someone implodes. But with all that I probably don’t unless there’s an catastrophic injury going in he’s not starting. If I’ve made it that far, especially if we’ve been tested against the Braves-Reds, I’m feeling good with who’s gotten me there. I’d roll the dice and not risk him.

The Nat’s bullpen concerns me and the playoffs work ‘em hard. Clip’s era is high but he gets it done, Burnett I like, Stammen gives up hits and walks but has kept out of trouble for the most part, Mattheus is solid but can’t be relied on as a SO guy, but that’s only 4 innings after them I’m not so confident and he’d be a hell of an ace in the hole if those guys start to wear. I’ll be curious to see if they bring Lannan along in the same relief capacity and as an extra starter.

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Not a big BB fan, but I wouldn’t pitch him. The doc says no, let it rest. I followed him for a long time. but if he blows out the elbow again he’s all done. I want to see him for a long time.

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I wouldn’t pitch him. He was starting to do more poorly when he hit his max innings. I think the long term view is the right view. Also, if you started him now, he’d need rehab time to get his arm back, I think, and there just isn’t enough time for that. And do you really want him pitching comeback games in the world series?

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