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How to find an old sweater?

Asked by Fluthyou (673points) October 2nd, 2012

How should I go about trying to find and purchase a sweater from H&M’s Fall 2010 collection? I have already contacted the H&M in my region with no luck, it is out stock.

This is the sweater:

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I’m not sure where you live, but H&M has outlet stores at malls in Texas, California and possibly other places. Sometimes the outlets will still have out of stock items.

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You could try ebay.

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I don’t imagine that you could, it’s from so long ago that it would be highly unlikely to be found at even an outlet store. But honestly, the sweater is quite generic. You could easily find very similar sweaters and places like Macy’s or PacSun.

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Look on ebay as @augustlan said.

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Look for consignment stores in your area. I buy most of my shirts these days from a secondhand and consignment store near my home. I pay approximately 30% of retail (maximum) for high-quality shirts in my size and taste, with the retailer’s tags still attached.

This is how end-of-season merchandise is often disposed of by major retailers when their final clearance sales fail to clear the items. They job it out to consignment stores for pennies on the dollar. Your job is to find those stores!

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Are you in the UK? The reason for asking is that they have an H&M clothing chain there. Knowing where you live might help in the search.

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Nope, from Canada.

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You have to check out ebay.This is only best place to find out what you want .

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Do you know the name of the company that made the sweater? If not, can H&M provide that information? That might be helpful.

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Maybe you should scout the local Value Village :/

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I wish the question wasn’t so specific about a “particular” old sweater. Because the absolute best way to find an old sweater starts (in the Northern Hemisphere) at about this time of year: Look for an old person, and there’s an old sweater, as often as not. (No, you can’t have mine.)

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