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Is it okay for a pregnant chick to key a 12-pack of busch n.a.s (non-alcoholic)

Asked by buster (10239points) June 4th, 2008

i saw this pregnant punker chick at a basement show keying busch non-alcoholic i heard it has a little alcohol in it. is it bad for a fetus?

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Doctors recommend that women totally abstain from alcohol
when pregnant. According to law, non-alcoholic beer contains a very
small amount of alcohol… no more than 0.5% by volume… however even
a small amount might/could/has the possibility of being harmful. It’s
probably best to err on the side of caution and abstain. Physically,
the alcohol can enter the bloodstream of the developing fetus. What’s
a small amount to a grown human can not be compared to what enters
into the bloodstream of a fetus.

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thats hilarious

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I heard that a glass of red wine every now and again is good while having a little one inside.

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haha glass of red wine < keying a 12 pack, haha thats too funny though

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there are plenty of problems with this the least of which is cheating on good beer and your pregnancy with that crap. Wait nine months then stay away from Busch forever.

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keying? Basement show? Wha? Chugging? Gig?

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you know how the angry punk youth is always trying to show how tuff and careless they are. Le sigh

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