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Bagel-heads? I have only one question: Why?

Asked by Strauss (20386points) October 3rd, 2012

This video shows a body modification technique referred to as “bagel-head”. From what I understand, it is a temporary effect, and the swelling goes down within 24 hours. I have nothing against tats, piercings, or body mods in general. It’s just that some techniques leave me asking “why”. Do you have any body mods, and what do you think of “bagel-head”?

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Gross, stupid, dangerous.

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Cream cheese for brains.

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I say this so much it’s lost all meaning, but: that is literally the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. :)

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Thanks for the heads up (pun intended.) It’s just the latest example of people attempting to be ‘unique’ (while not) and attempting to make a statement. What that is, I have no clue. Plus, it is their choice whether to do it or not. That’s important.

A few personal thoughts:
* If the swelling goes down and leaves no permanent damage, that’s okay in my book.
* I’d rather see this than something permanent that is later regretted.
* It could contribute to an interesting Halloween costume.

The only body mods I have are three piercings in ear lobes. Even those seem silly now, but it was a right of passage at the time and good memories. No harm done.

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They’re trying to send the message that appearance is superficial.

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It is a lot less stupid or dangerous than people injecting botulinum toxin into their faces. It is just a saline solution after all.

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If they lay the thumb flat, they could look Romulan. That would be much more awesome.

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@ragingloli I think I read somewhere that botulinum toxin is the most toxic substance on earth. Why someone would want that in their face is beyond me…

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Okay – I read Stephen King; I’m an amateur horror writer, and all around enjoyer of the “gross”, but I had to shut that video off within 5 seconds. Yuck! If I saw someone walking around like that, I would think they had some awful tumor. Why, oh dear-lord, why?
@Yetanotheruser – I thought this would be about bagels. Teaser.

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My first thought was “gross”. My second thought was “that could be an interesting form of special effect for aliens in Star Trek”. But I see that @Seek_Kolinahr was already way ahead of me.

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I don’t know a great deal about the Japanese culture, but I have the impression that many Japanese young people are insatiable novelty seekers. This is a strange phenomenon, all right (and to me it looks pretty gross), but we’ve seen decades of young people across cultures altering their appearance in bizarre ways, some more permanent than others. [  Example. Example. Example. ] It’s a statement of tribal identity, a declaration of independence, and best of all a way to rile and perplex the elders.

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I really don’t understand the thinking behind this sort of thing. It looks gross and painful. If I saw someone on the street looking like this, I would think they were in a horrible car crash or something.

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Nob-heads i’d say.

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My first thought on reading the title was this question actually had something to do with bagels. Never had one. Thought it must be some sort of new type of bagel type product…

Now I know what a bagel-head is… I sort of wish it was food related. People are strange.

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@Jeruba My niece is half Japanese, grew up there, and she said that because all features are very similar in Asian countries, it makes them want to really stand out somehow.

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Wonder how much it costs because the video says it only lasts 16 hours. I think it’s a lot of trouble to go to for such a short term modification.

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I’m afraid to look! I get grossed out too easily. Can someone explain what it is please?! I’m dying of curiosity now

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It’s not too gross @Earthgirl. People having saline injected into their foreheads.

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@Bellatrix Me, too! I thought the question was going to be “why the big bagel craze” or something. I never liked bagels, so thought I would be writing about the chewy toughness of bagels.

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I thought it was gross and stupid.

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@Bellatrix thanks for telling me. I got brave enough to look. That is so totally gross and stupid looking! Why indeed!

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I think this is so much cooler!

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That is cool @Kayak8. It wouldn’t suit me, but I love it!

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Love it, @Kayak8! How in the world did you stumble across that?

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Why? 1.Probably to individualize the way they look. 2. Because they can. There’s a process available. 3. It isn’t permanent.
Result: They are a member of a group which has had this done.
What’s missing? The dab of cream cheese, jam, smoked salmon or topping of your choice.
I much prefer the lizard hair style, which at least could make people laugh. I did.

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I can’t remember where I first saw it, maybe posted on FB. I found it just as work posted a draconian dress code and took it to work to ask my boss if it would pass muster with the dress code (it would because the code neglected to cover cool hairstyles). I haven’t had the nerve and, as a manager, probably wouldn’t be able to get away with it for the time it would take to grow out!

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Dude, it’s Japan. Generally when you hear about a new trend from Japan, logically asking “Why?” doesn’t make sense. Their culture is very different and quirky from our standards.

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