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Do you feel like you know yourself?

Asked by BBawlight (2400points) October 4th, 2012

I am my best friend. It’s like I’m two people. One is my body and one is my mind. I feel a comfortable connection between the two and I am the body. It’s like having a best friend… or better yet, a twin. They depend on one another and if one is gone, the other won’t know what to do with itself.
Does anybody else feel like this or is it just me? Please don’t say that I need some sort of help, I’m fine the way I am.

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Oh yeah, I know myself so well and I am so comfortable in my own skin. I’m not my best friend though. I need someone else to complete me. That’s one of the best things to find.

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I do know myself pretty well. I deliberately blind myself to some aspects of my person most of the time, but I do know the truth.

I basically like myself now although that wasn’t always true.

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I believe I know myself very well. I think I’ve always kinda known myself pretty well since I’m introverted and tend to spend a lot of my free time in my head. Once I took psychedelics for the first time I really got to know who I was deep down at my core.

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I deliberately blind myself to some aspects of my person most of the time, but I do know the truth.

Not only do I heartily endorse the beautiful, blunt elegance of @marinelife‘s statement, I also live it every day. The only way a person can fool himself is by believing that he has fooled himself.

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This seems like two different questions. A body and a mind, if you will.

No. I don’t feel separate. I know a lot of people do. They conceive of their bodies and minds and different entities. This is not good, I think. We are one. Not separate from ourselves and not separate from the rest of the world.

The more people feel like they are separate, the more it is possible to do things that to not love the totality or the whole. Dualistic thinking causes a lot of psychological and sociological problems. I’ll just say that without offering specific examples because it is too much for me to get into here.

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@wundayatta I seek companionship and can only find it in my mind. I feel separate from the rest of the world and think that I am just another person. It feels comfortable to know that at least one person understands me exactly the way I need them to. I’m completely introverted and extremely avoidant. I just can’t stand to be around others because I don’t get them and they don’t get me.

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I worry that in creating this idea that your body is another you, or your mind is another you that is a friend, you are encouraging yourself to further separate into these two fictional selves so you can have a friend. It could lead to serious coping problems in the future, it seems to me. Not for sure, but certainly a worry. Of course, I don’t know you at all, so this may not be a worry for you.

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Yeah. Feels good, man.

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If I don’t by now, I never will.

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Pretty much, or at least I’m sure of that. I never liked that saying, about how others know you better than you know yourself. I just find that to be so false.

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I think you are describing loving the skin you are in and your own sense of self awareness (the inner you). Not so much as a friend but that both the inner and outer you complete who you are. At least that is my perception.
Like the way an overweight person may look at their body and not see in the mirror the light, fun, sexual person they feel like inside. So there is this disconnected feeling.
Or they may seem light, fun and sexual on the outside and feel clumsy, serious and cold on the inside.
What I feel is that you feel complete and not lacking. I get it because there are times my mind wanders and I may think up a joke that just cracks me up. So its like there is this person inside of me that randomly makes me laugh and I enjoy that aspect of myself. There is a little Pandora (my inner voice) that listens to my woes and will sometime sympathize and at other times give me tough love, that can make me laugh, or make me feel guilty if I am being mean, who can motivate me or remind me I am loved and is simply what exist to balance my ego. Some people think it is there subconscious and others their spiritual self keeping balance of your conscious mind. Some people listen to their inner thoughts and others ignore it and feel incomplete.
So to answer your question, yes I feel I know myself as much as I possibly can for now. I say that because years and experience can change your concept of who you are. After all, ideas of self love and awareness is all in the mind and as long as we continue to grow, we will change. Not always drastic changes but many little changes can add up to one drastic change.
I knew who I was in my 20’s and loved myself but that girl has developed in different directions over the years. Main parts still remained and was hidden away at times. Then there are new parts that are like a hybrid. Whatever changes I make I know that I will always feel complete in who I am because there is no-one person out there like me. We are all an one of a kind original.

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Absolutely! I am very at home with myself, inside and out. I feel badly for people that are not comfortable in their own skins and are afraid of being alone with their thoughts and minds.

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I think I know myself very well.

Sometimes I do not like myself or, more accurately, I do not like some of the things that I do.

And sometimes I despise the fact that I am too lazy to become better.

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On a regular basis.

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Yes, the good and the bad. Of course, sometimes I still surprise myself with my ability to keep pushing when things are tough.

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Inside out.

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I got used to my own company very early on, being an only child and someone who often felt like an outsider or even alien in most situations. I’ve always been very reflective.

I feel like I know myself pretty well, and I am working on getting better at it. For instance, recognizing the signs of depression looming, and doing something about it.

In some ways, I grew up very fast, emotionally and intellectually. I think I had my head screwed on straighter at age 18 than many 30 year olds do. Strangely enough though, circumstances in my life have combined to make me feel like a teenager again, at an age when I’m supposed to have everything figured out (or at least pretend I do.)

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I do know myself now. I used to fight it however, and do what other people either expected of me or make an a$$ of myself trying to be somebody I’m not. I’m not saying that having other people in your life is not important; but at what cost? Some of my most lonely times have been around other people rather than being by myself. Of course I think it is better to have people that you can relate to, and people who respect you involved in your life. However, I find that if you have to discard what makes you happy as a person to try to win others over, than it’s not worth it. I’m sure that I’ll know myself even more as I age, but I feel that I’m going in the right direction regardless.

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