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Should I sell my iPhone?

Asked by Trustinglife (6628points) June 4th, 2008

I’ve heard of people getting $330–350 for their used iPhones. Do these buyers not know there’s a new one coming out very soon? And should I be willing to take on the uncertainty of not knowing exactly what’s going to be in the new iPhone and how much it will cost?

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Do it now. Before the public becomes aware. Sell it before monday. Do it!

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There’s a window of opportunity right now because they aren’t available in stores. Just today, I read on Gizmodo or TUAW that unlocked iPhones can be sold for a decent price on eBay. The article even had tips for getting a good price.

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@kevbo, if you could find that article, I’d appreciate reading it!

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I looked, but I can’t find it. Sorry. It’s out there, though.

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★ dear god! How could you think of doing such a thing????★

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∗ Hugs iphone ∗

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Oh sorry… what I meant is should I sell my iPhone… because I would then buy the NEW iPhone on Tuesday or whenever it comes out.

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I would, but I need my phone. I guess I’ll have to just make a bit of a loss if I want to buy the new one when it comes out.

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I would say no

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