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It's the international James Bond day - what are your fond memories and thoughts of this great franchise?

Asked by zensky (13357points) October 5th, 2012
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Ursula Andress emerging from the ocean in Dr. No.

It was considered shocking in the spirit of the times.

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I was so intrigued with the James Bond take apart gun in “From Russian With Love”, I bought one. The Survival AR-7 by Henry Repeating Arms . I’ve put thousands of shots through it and it still works great. With each shot I think of that movie.

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I’m enjoying the current sky movies ad which amalgamates the different Bonds into one car chase sequence!

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I’m a Roger Moore kinda gal. He was the first James Bond that I remember, although I know for a fact that Diamonds Are Forever is the first one I actually saw. I loved going to the drive-in theater with my brother and my parents and watching those awesome opening scenes like This One

Next to Shirley Bassey’s Goldfinger, I think Paul McCartney’s Live and Let Die was the best Bond theme music.

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Ahh, so many. I watched a lot of Bond movies with my dad growing up. Though, I’ve always been fond of that shot of Auric Goldfinger getting sucked out of his plane window.

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I went to a movie in 1969, and they had a trailer for Diamonds Are Forever play before the movie I was going to see. It was the first time I ever saw an audience give a standing ovation for a movie trailer. I hadn’t seen a James Bond movie before, and I was stunned.

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Fond memories. John Barry’s distinctive instrumentation. Did not matter whether it’s Duran Duran or Shirley Bassey performing, Barry’s soaring and romantic touch was always there. My favorite, the melody from You Only Live Twice. Imo, cinematically transcendent.

And oh, Carol Bouquet in For Your Eyes Only.

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I like the dialogue Bond, James Bond. I first saw Pierce Brosnan as James Bond and and therefore, probably, I like him for the James Bond role.

We used to try to get roll number 7 (007) back in school. And, who got 7, was the James Bond!

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I actually played the Golden Eye video game before seeing any James Bond movies. Fell in love with the game (was one of the first FPS games I played(no Oddjob :P )) and because of that watched the Golden Eye movie. Golden Eye will always hold a special nostalgia feel to me. After seeing that film I went on to watch many more of the James Bond films and have enjoyed a great many of them but like @prasad because Pierce was my first experience with James Bond, he is probably one of my favorites.

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I worked for a very large corporation that required photo ID badges 30+ years ago. My employee number was 93007. That still makes me smile.

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Haha my dad was a huge James Bond fan. He was also a Conan the barbarian fan and had all these black and white comics, and then I became a Conan fan. But my dad always liked Bond a little more, and I have good memories of my dad and I having debates on James Bond VS Conan. Lol, like as if they’re related in any way, but, seeing as James had firearms, that’s what my dad always relied on; one bullet and Conan’s dead. Then I’m like, come on, it’s Conan. He kills gods in the comics, it’s gonna take more than ONE bullet to stop him. But I couldn’t really argue the fact that even Conan can’t survive a gunshot to the head, or at least, still be up and kicking if he survived it.
So I always ended with, yeah well…James Bond is supposed to be a spy, isn’t he? He sure is flashy for a spy, jumping on planes and like, having cars that shame the Batmobile.

I don’t know anything about James Bond, but I’m sharing these memories. My dad was especially fond of the gadgets, the women and Bond’s personality, and always had something to say about all the actors in the movies. So apparently James Bond is always getting it on with different women all the time, kinda like Conan probably has 17 kids he doesn’t know about.
Also my dad liked this other spy, but I can’t remember his name…these were novels, there were tons of them. I think his name was Max something, but the only Google searches I get are for Max Pain. :/

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It introduced me to pussy galore…which is never a bad thing.

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