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Can I regain Garage Band (MAC) after deleting it?

Asked by Jacquelineje (17points) October 5th, 2012

I am trying to free some space on my start up disk. I want to delete programs I don’t currently use. However I would like to know if I decide later on that I’d like to use them again, is it possible? Some of the programs I want to delete incl:
– Garage Band
– iChat
– iMovie
– iWeb

Are they free downloads?
Do they come on the start up CD I received when I first bought my MAC?

Thanks! :)

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All of those programs should be on the install CDs that came with your computer. I just checked, and they are all on my own install discs. If you aren’t sure, try popping the disk into your optical drive to check the contents. What percentage of your disk space are you using, though? There’s no need to delete these programs if they aren’t weighing your computer down in the first place.

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Most of these are now available through the Mac App Store online, and don’t have installation disks. I’d recommend running the updates and then instead of deleting them, backing them up to an external drive.

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Just a note. The applications are actually pretty small. Most of the assets are in /Library/Application\ Support.

So if you are going to delete the Applications you might as well delete that stuff too.

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