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What well-known persona reminds you of yourself?

Asked by Skaggfacemutt (9780points) October 5th, 2012

How do you think of yourself; hero or villain, a John Wayne type or a Jim Carrey type? What famous persona do you think is the most like you?

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Cher, Julie Andrews and Angela Lansbury, with a dash of Betty White

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For me, it would be Roseanne. I think that’s why she cracks me up so much. I am quiet and shy, but inside I am cynical and snide. She is like my inner self in real flesh and blood.

I loved that superbowl commercial, “my back hurts – now my front hurts.”

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Giacomo Casanova

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Hilary Clinton

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Milo here; Fred Astaire (I already have the tails, well, one of them.)

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Marge Simpson

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Jackie Gleason
to the moon Alice. TO THE MOON!!

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Peggy Bundy and a bit of Fran Fine!

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@thorninmud Now I know why I lurve you so much.

Susan Sarandon, especially when she plays a “hot ” librarian as in Robot and Frank.

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Audrey Hepburn’s character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s… though less aloof.

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George Formby without the eukalali

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My Fluther name (Josie) is a misspelling of Josey from The Outlaw Josie Wales.

A guy started calling me that when I was in the service and it stuck. (He also misspelled it-public education or lack of it). I had never seen the movie, so I eventually rented the DVD. Maybe I see it, maybe not, but there you go.

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If I said everything I think, I’d say I’m a lot like House.

Since I don’t say everything I think, I’m more like Edwina from Ab Fab, minus the weird fashion.

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Emma Thompson mixed with Rachel Ray

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Possibly a cross between Lisa Lampanelli and Betty White.

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I find it rather revealing that I cannot immediately come up with a name, have never thought about it actually…

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@Adagio, if I were choosing someone for you, I’d pick Julia Child : ) Intersting, international, non-pretentious passionate lover of food, friends and family.

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I’m a combination of Blanche Devereaux and Murphy Brown.

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Given the way Milo treats me most of the time, him.

@janbb; I’m seeing “Robot and Frank” on Sunday. Worth it?

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@Adagio Me either. No one comes to mind quickly for myself.

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Hulk Hogan, bro.

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tupac and einstein

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John Cleese, Faulty Towers.

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My personality type is shared with Robin Williams, George Carlin, Carol Burnett and Goldie Hawn. Yep, us naturally born comedian types, always saying what others only dare to think. lol

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Dirk Diggler only with slightly less questionable morals.

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½ Audrey Hepburn and ½ Whoopie Goldburgh.

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@Dutchess_III Hepburn + Goldberg = interesting combination…

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@Kardamom Julia Child eh? Doesn’t quite feel like me… nice thoughts though : ^)

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@Adagio I thought so, when I dreamed it up in the early 90’s!

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