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What's a good alternative map app for the iPhone/iPad?

Asked by 2davidc8 (7737points) October 5th, 2012

I don’t like the new map app that came with iOS6 for the iPhone. Do you know of a better map app, hopefully a free one?
If it’s for the iPhone, will it work equally well on an iPad, or would you use a different app for that?

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Google Maps

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If you have Verizon Wireless pay the extra $4.099 per month for Navigator.

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That’s exactly why I didn’t upgrade to IOS6. You can use the google maps from the browser.

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I use Waze, it is free, and also gives live alerts for stopped/slowed traffic, police speed traps, construction, brake downs, etc. It will also give turn by turn directions, and verbal warnings and directions through the car/trucks speakers.

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Is there an app for Google Maps? I find using Google Maps from the browser to be somewhat inconvenient.

@DrBill About Waze: You said, “It will also give turn by turn directions, and verbal warnings and directions through the car/trucks speakers.” That would be via Bluetooth, no?

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I use it in my jeep, without bluetooth

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I bought Navigon for my iPhone. It was expensive but not so expensive as a GPS unit for the car. It works very well, I much prefer it to google maps. It show a picture of the house you are looking for if you give it a specific address. If you are on a turnpike/freeway it shows you the exact signage over the lanes and tells you which lane to be in and when to turn. I like it better than any GPS unit I have owned.

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I like Waze.

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@DrBill OK, so are you somehow directly connecting your iPhone to the car’s sound system?

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no, I put the iPhone on the charger, and it transmits a radio signal at 88.3 FM, I tune the truck radio to that station and hear it all. I can also play all the music on the iPhone at the same time.

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I don’t like those radio adapters, so I run mine through a cassette adapter into the tape deck for a direct connection. Same effect, less static. It also complies with WA state law regarding hands-free phone use. Of course, occasionally my song gets talked over as Waze pipes up, “Police reported ahead”, but c’est la vie.

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@DrBill Wow, I didn’t know you could do that! Thanks.

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@DrBill By “charger”, do you mean one that plugs into the cigarette lighter?

@jerv Do they make iPhone-to-stereo-mini-plug adapters? If so, would it be OK to connect the iPhone to the AUX of your car stereo and play the iPhone thru your car speakers that way?

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