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Can I pack coffee in my checked luggage?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) October 5th, 2012

Is it allowed to bring canned coffee in your checked luggage internationally?

Might be bringing coffee back to The Netherlands and I was wondering if it’s allowed to pack canned(or vacuum packed) coffee in the checked luggage.

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I was allowed to as long as it was in the original factory sealed container

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I don’t see how that would be a problem. Just make sure it’s packed securely in your luggage. I once brought a couple of bottles of wine to the US from France in my checked luggage with no issues. Amazingly, they arrived unharmed without a single crack. You might want to call your airline to make sure.

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Check with quarantine regulations in your destination country. If it’s sealed it will possibly be okay but some countries (Australia) have very strict rules. Better to be sure and then declare the coffee at the other end.

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Have you been there? Douwe Egberts has every type of coffee you can imagine. I’m sure you’ll find one comparable.

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You should be able to. Check with your airline to be sure though.

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Another option would be to mail it to yourself.

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There doesn’t seem to be a list of goods that can’t be brought in. Coffee doesn’t appear on their list of excisable goods.

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I always bring my own tea (loose leaf, often in a ziplock baggy) with me when I travel, including to the Netherlands (and other int’l destinations). In the past I’ve had it in my checked bag, but my luggage kept ending up delayed, so I’ve started bringing it in my carry-on. I recommend if you do bring your own coffee that you bring it in the carry-on.

Since it’s not a liquid or propellant or any sort of banned substance it won’t be a problem. And, in fact, carrying on a coffee can is also permitted..but as @Trillian points out people who are trying to bring in illegal drugs have been known to place coffee in their bags to attempt to throw off drug-sniffing dog’s noses. So, this is why I suggest you don’t check the bag—because if your checked luggage is ‘randomly’ selected for TSA screening and has coffee in could potentially be subject to more thorough screening (wiping down for traces of drug residue, waiting for the TSA agent with the K-9 to sniff it, etc.) and therefore, could be delayed slightly getting to the you run the risk of having your baggage not arrive on the same flight as you.

True story – I brought back wonderful Venezuelan dark roast coffee (fresh ground) for my husband in my suitcase the same trip that I was also carrying back a brick of Panela for my friend Sarah. Sarah attended college in Colombia where Panela is something people drink in lieu of coffee or tea, so while I was in Venezuela my driver had his wife get me a brick of it (wrapped in cellophane—like Saran Wrap) so I could give it to Sarah.

As luck would have it, for the first time in over a dozen trips in and out of the country THIS was the day that I got picked for a random plane-side (at gun point!) screening of my luggage by Venezuelan military forces. At about the point that I was standing plane-side, with assault rifles pointed at me and minutes before they were supposed to close the boarding door it struck me: how stupid was I to have a “brick” of something brownish/white-ish sugar-y and a bunch of coffee in my checked luggage?

Not only did the Venezuelan soldier who went through my suitcase not bat an eyelash (he said: “Oh, Panela” and didn’t even open the saran wrap) I had no difficulty bringing it into the US at all, either. No problemo!

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Why else would anyone visit Guatemala? Coffee is fine. Live plants are another story.

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No problem with packaged foods that are not perishables. (Or even some that are if they are in their packaging.)

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Should be no problem if the coffee is inside the checked luggage. Worse comes to worse, you need to open up your luggage if the customs officer want to peek inside.

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