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Do you know of anyone that has tried the Bosley hair restoration? If so, what was the outcome?

Asked by chyna (44607points) October 6th, 2012

A friend of mine that has a receding hairline is thinking of checking into this and I told him I would ask Fluther to see if anyone knew of good or bad outcomes to this restoration process.

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@chyna As a member of the follicley challenged population myself tell him he’s better off saving his money to spend on his sweetie.

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@Adirondackwannabe His wife doesn’t care if he is losing his hair or not. It bothers him though.

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It’s not what I would prefer either. But my hair doesn’t show love and compassion, it doesn’t care for my loved ones, comfort them when they need it, or pleasure them when we’re in the mood. It just sits on my head, making bad jokes.:)

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@chyna; Have your friend google “Bosley hair restoration violations” and see the long list of complaints.

Here is just one.

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They cut out chunks of your scalp? I would rather be bald! Thanks @gailcalled, I’ll pass that on to my friend.

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Some of the complaints about having been scammed date back to 2002 (I was speed-reading, remember).

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I don’t know about Bosley, but one of my very first jobs was working at a hair restoration clinic- they punch out tiny pieces of scalp from the back, dissect the hairs and follicle out of them, then replace them into tiny punches in the bald area. Nowadays they look totally real and no one can tell. If I were a bald man I’d either shave my head or get a hair transplant.

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