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Is there a single issue that would keep you from voting for a particular candidate, no matter what?

Asked by Paradox25 (10174points) October 6th, 2012

Is there that one issue, kind of like a Mendoza Line, which would eliminate a political candidate from getting your vote regardless of how much you agreed with them on other issues?

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If they did not support a woman’s right to choose I would not vote for them.

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Same here.

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I would have thought the same as @glacial and @syz, but I voted for Bob Casey over Rick Santorum. Both are anti-choice. Casey is better on many other issues. You can’t always get what you want, and for that reason, I don’t think I have a Mendoza line in politics.

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Someone who was anti-abortion.

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@wundayatta Where reproductive rights are concerned, the stakes are simply not as high for you.

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@glacial :: Bob Casey is a Democrat that is anti-choice. So both options were anti-choice.

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@johnpowell Oh, right. Two-party system. Sometimes, I forget.

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I voted for the pro-choice candidate in the primary. Casey was so much better than Santorum. I mean, Santorum is actively evil, whereas Casey is merely bad. It was very important to get rid of Santorum, even though Casey was not what we wanted.

In any case, Casey is likely to support the Democratic party in Congress even when he doesn’t agree with the impact of the legislation on women’s health.

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I’m generally not a single issue voter, but if a candidate has an extreme stance on a certain issue, like supporting a law giving a pot smoker five years in prison, then I’ll likely not vote for them.

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I sat here for a good ten minutes trying to think of what the worst single issue is that I just could not ever support, and I came to the same conclusion as many above: anti-choice. Unless it was the circumstance that Wundy described above, where both candidates are anti-choice and you have to select the lesser of two evils, I could never vote for a politician that didn’t support a woman’s right to choose. The idea that abortion could some day be against the law (again) is extremely disturbing.

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