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Anyone recognize the lamp from this commercial?

Asked by Nimis (13127points) October 6th, 2012

I’m kind of digging the floor lamp in this commercial
Sorry. Not the beet video quality. Best I could find.

In the first scene where the girl is on the phone and her friend walks in.
It’s the floor lamp by the window.

Anyone recognize it?

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Here is something similar. Just google Tripod Floor Lamp and you will see an variety of choices at a number of price points.

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It’s similar to this one, which is no longer available, sadly. I got several hits when I googled “surveyors floor lamp wood”. Here’s a similar base with a different shade style.

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One gets the range of choices by putting in tripod floor lamp.

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@augustlan Here is virtually the same lamp from JCPenneys for only $130.

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At amazon .com here. Looks like a giant transistor!

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Thanks for looking around, guys!

Though I do know what type of floor lamp that is. I’m more so curious about that specific one.

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