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How can a map of group members worldwide be built and made accessible on Facebook?

Asked by auntydeb (3244points) October 7th, 2012

Hi, as a member of a ‘group’ on facebook, it would be good to see the locations worldwide of fellow members. A colleague has attempted this with Google Earth, but the file extensions were clunky. It would be great to help out by suggesting something that might actually work, to include simple location by town and the name of the member. Any ideas?

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There was a site Frappr dot com. I think it died a few years ago. But here are some alterative Sites. Knock yourself out there are more than 50.

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We had such a map page of Fluther members at one time. Presumably it’s still “out there” somewhere (in Google Maps?, I’ve forgotten), but I haven’t seen any references to it in over a year now. (We also have the photos page in Photobucket, here and here – don’t ask me why we have two groups.)

Maybe johnpowell can post the link to the map, since I think it was his baby. It might have just gotten to be too much to maintain.

I’ve made some such maps myself for relatively small group use, but it’s not easy to make the editing function public when the editing is really supposed to be done by a single individual; there’s too much room for destructive behavior by disgruntled or malicious members.

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I did the map here. It took about 15 hours in two days to code. Then adding data as people gave it to me took more time. The data is stored in a Google spreadsheet. Letting users add their own coordinates was a horrible idea and quickly reversed.

Feel free to swipe the source and the spreadsheet looks like this. Obviously the keys would have to be replaced and I have no idea how much HTLM/CSS/Javascript Facebook allows. (hopefully, none)

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Thank you guys, the map @johnpowell shows is lovely, but with such high membership I can see how it owuld get unmanageable. Got the sites like Frappr etc, will pass all on to the relevant geeky group member at Fbook. Cheers!

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