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Do you know any celebrity?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 4th, 2008 from iPhone

who would you like to know?

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I know the this guy who is best friends with the cousin of a girl that is dating __________.

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i’d like to know paul gilbert better, hehe, well, i know a few musicians who make a lot of teen hearts beat faster, but that’s here in holland, so yeah…

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Do you mean just meeting them, acquaintances, recurring acquaintances, actual friendships?

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I know Darina Allen (That famous TV cook). That guy that founded Green and Blacks chocolate. And I often go to dinner with my neighbor who is the man who played Bat Mans butler in the old films. Oh and I also met one of the princes of Britain at a lunch.

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I’ve met a few, but don’t count any in my circle of friends.

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I know Susan St. James (she of McMillian and Wife TV show) personally. I haven’t talked to her in a few years….

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My friend went on a school exchange to England, can’t remember exactly where sorry but her exchange partner’s dad was best friends with one of the Little Britain Guys. Sorry again I can’t remember which one :P

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my best friend is in a band with kid rocks son. He goes to his house all the time he has a go cart track, pool, custom pond and a 100 foot dirt bike jump which kid rock can clear

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i know Junkyard Dog from the 80’s WWF. he is now a homeless crack addict in birmingham alabama.

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Well I would like to know Tim Curry personally. I know about him though. But soon we will be united at last

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@buster – Junkyard Dog was my favourite, say Hi from me.

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Well I know Wu Tang Clan and mistah fab.

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I hung out with former NFL tight end/fullback Aaron Shea a couple of times in my hometown of Ottawa, Illinois. My cousins grew up with him.

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