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What is a 60/40 dance?

Asked by graynett (1032points) October 7th, 2012

My parents often tell me of the dances they went to as a 60–40

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I think they might be referring to a style of dance that was popular back in their day.

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Wouldn’t it make sense to ask them when they’re talking about it?

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Seems to refer to swing dancing.

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This is the only definition for a 60/40 dance that I’ve heard. The men are around 60, the women are around 40.

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@Jeruba I’m assuming the OP’s parents are passed, otherwise, I’m confused as to why he doesn’t ask them.

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@AshlynM, “My parents often tell me” is present tense, which implies that they’re still living. If the OP had said “told me,” then I would draw the same conclusion you did.

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It refers to the percentages of the style of dance which will be played during the evening. A 50–50 dance night is 50% modern dances and 50% old-fashioned. A 60–40 dance has more modern dances, thus appealing to the “younger” people.

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